Weather in My Head!


I’m still doing mild R & D on Donald Fagen and a friend turned me on to this cool interview:

and that led to exploring his Sunken Condos recording including a funny tune called “Weather in My Head”— a loping minor blues with great horns, sick BB King -ish guitar solo, and this refrain:

They may fix the weather in the world
Just like Mr. Gore said
But tell me what’s to be done
Lord – ’bout the weather in my head

I’m into it!

Up for this week on Saturday evening it’ll be Leonard and me playing a house concert in Cardiff. We did this gig last year and loved it. The music takes place in Ellen’s beautiful garden and lots of solid citizens will be in attendance and we’ll fill the air with Marley, Stevie, Lennon and McCartney, and some of our own hits and misses. Look below for the details and hope to see you there.

On Sunday evening Leonard and I will make our every now and then Solterra Winery appearance. It takes place in Leucadia and the food is great, wine aplenty, and our music. Guaranteed good time! 

This is from a while back with me and Leonard jammin’ at the Soltera Winery. Those barrels of wine made the room sound exceptionally good!

That’s the story for now, all the best, Peter