Spinning In Infinity!

Greetings Perfect Rainy Day Friends!

This is how we like it — mellow all day drizzles making our world green. It’s as if we’re playing Celtic music in Ireland…

Today is special because it’s the moment that our version of Paul Simon’s beautiful music makes its way to the populous at large. Hello “You Can Call Me Al” world!

I’ve been tweaking the mixes and I think they’re right so lets get right to it — here’s the cover:

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I’m digging this album and we’re thrilled to share it around. We’re also playing it live in Rancho Mirage later this month. Check below for the deets.

yours in green, Peter

To Tie or Not To Tie?

Dear Friends of the Cold!

The shortest day of the year is just about to arrive and even though there’s an absence of light we still have our groove on over here at SpragueLand. Heck, we’re lighting up the place with holiday leaning educated noise and it’s a hoot.

We booked in two days of learning the new arrangements and I must say it’s going to be a fun concert on Saturday trancing with the music of Vince Guaraldi’s “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” We’ve got jazz swing, a mashup, some samba, some folk ballad feel with Tripp’s harmonica playing, some Eddie Harris swank influence — all of it elevated in the beauty of the amazing Conrad Theatre in downtown La Jolla.

There’s even a rumor circulating that the bands dressing up and I might even wear a tie…

Hope you can make it and even though there’s a chance that it might sell out there are still some seats available.

The Charlie Brown Symphonic Orchestra with (left to right) Danny Green, Beth Ross Buckley, Tripp Sprague, Allison Adams Tucker, Mack Leighton, Peter Sprague, and Duncan Moore.


The big question, to tie or not to tie?

And speaking of the season of Christmas, my good friend and great musician David Borgo is releasing 12 songs leading up to the 12 days of Christmas. About a month ago he brought in the band to SpragueLand and for two days we tracked his new songs. We did both video and audio and the music lives in the modern jazz genre. Sounding good!

Go HERE for a listen.

Left to right, Justin Grinnell, David Borgo, Peter, Julien Canthelm, and Allan Eicher.

And if you can, check in with his YouTube channel each day leading up to Christmas with a new creative music offering.

Leucadia is alive with the sound of music! 

That’s it fine folks and I leave you with some wisdom from Charles Shultz, the creator of “Peanuts.”

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
– Charles M. Schulz

adios, Peter

The Spirit of Vince!

Hey Folks, just a quick spin on what’s coming around the corner for next week.

I’ve been holed up at SpragueLand navigating wonderful semi-ancient tracks of Vince Guaraldi playing the iconic music that eventually became Charlie Brown’s aural muse. For me and for most, this pairing of Peanuts and Vince holds a special place during the holidays. His swing on “O Tannenbaum,” his classic harmonic moves on “Christmas Time is Here,” and of course who can doubt the playful “Linus and Lucy” theme as being a perfect blend of jazz and sweetness — it’s a good moment of San Francisco bred music.

We’re illuminating these sounds, starting with Vince’s themes, paired with my “hopefully not jazz damaged” updates, and bringing the whole circus live to La Jolla next week. It’ll be at the incredible Conrad Theatre which by itself is a must see event. What a great time and I hope you can make it out.

Tickets are selling fast!

Here’s the info:


all the very best, P