Cyber Day Trippin’

Greetings Friends, today we begin with possibly some help from the jazz braintrust, (that’s you by the way).

Our daughter Kylie who lives in Portland is shifting her life path from social worker to exploring software programming and more directly cyber security. She’s looking into “boot camps” where you take part of an intense six month study program and at the end hopefully emerge employable. She’s moving back down here in October to live with us and take on the course and both Stef and I are thrilled. We love our girl!

It turns out that cyber security as a career is a relatively new trajectory. Does one first learn coding and then branch off into cyber security? Or do you enroll in the cyber security course straight away? 

Kylie’s been doing the research and is still unsure of which direction to go. Of course the camps all want you to follow their lead but according to one specialist panel of cyber experts, they claim that students emerging from these courses are still under qualified and thus not yet employable.

If you have some experience in this arena and are willing to share your wisdom, we’re listening and would very much appreciate the help. Send what you know to me and I’ll pass it along to Kylie. Many thanks on this…

And now the Day Trippin’ segment. 

The news on the street is that our new recording Day Tripper is out and available on my website store and all of the streaming platforms. What a joy to blast Beatles at full volume with Rebecca Jade leading the way on vocals!

 Here’s the list of songs:
1) Day Tripper
2) Drive My Car
3) In My Life
4) I Want to Hold Your Hand
5) I’ve Just Seen a Face
6) Let It Be
7) Come Together

and here’s who played on it:
Peter Sprague — guitar
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute, and piano
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums
and special guest Rebecca Jade – vocals

Here’s how you get it at my website store.

Here’s the Spotify link to the album.

Here’s the AppleMusic link to the album.

For live music this week, on Sunday afternoon at the Encinitas Library we’re playing a free concert exploring the music of Paul Simon. It’s our “Angels in the Architecture” program featuring these classic songs:

59th St Bridge
Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Hearts and Bones
Sound of Silence
Scarborough Fair
She Moves On
Still Crazy
You Can Call Me Al

We hope you can make it out!

Today we leave you with two new Beatles vids from our recent Live(ish) From SpragueLand livestream. This is what emerges when a jazzer gets ahold of a classic song and instills his jazz influence into the harmonic structure. Hoping that it’s working with your ears…

That’s the story up here at SpragueLand University where both cyber security and the music of The Beatles are simultaneously studied and explored. 

over ’n out, Peter

Jazz Man!

Greetings Good Folks!

Music is everywhere and this week it’s appearing live on two occasions plus some YouTubian action over there on the internet.

First up live, we’ll be at Dizzy’s on Friday night morphing the late 60’s sounds of Carole King into our 2020 jazz framework. It’s a time tested experiment and at the beginning of the summer we R&D’d the program first live at the Conrad in La Jolla and then via livestream at Live(ish) From Spragueland. Both events were a hoot and it’s a thrill to get inside this music again. Carole’s music comes out of the folk/pop style but she does love her suspended chords and that proves to be a gateway to jazzify her music. Come on out and hang with us as we spin “Jazz Man” live…

Our setlist includes:
I Feel the Earth Move 
So Far Away
Natural Woman
It’s Too Late
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
Bitter with the Sweet 
Where You Lead I Will Follow
You’ve Got a Friend

Second up live, on Saturday evening we’ll play a show at the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church. They’re sponsoring a summer concert series and we’re happy to be included. We’ve got the spirited Leonard Patton with us and together we’ll celebrate the music of Brazil, Beatles, Hogey Carmichael, Stevie Winwood, and a few of my compositions. A good time, a good band (PS, Leonard, Tripp, Justin Grinnell, and Duncan), outdoors, and maybe there’s even parking. We should be so lucky! I hope to see you there…

And finally a few more Beatle YouTubian adventures:

thanks for the listen, best, Peter


On the Edge of Jazz Damage!

Greetings Comrades of Sound!

We’re keeping the hits (and maybe the misses) coming and for this week, new at YouTube is our version of The Beatles’ “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” The way they played it originally was in a folk/country kind of feel. Our version ventures into the celtic/Metheny sonic sphere and there’s just cause of possibly labelling it “jazz damaged.” Take ‘er for a spin and you be the judge.

And to balance out the offering check out this magic version of “Let It Be” with Rebecca Jade on vocals. Wow she sounds good!

Thanks for the listen and we’ll be playing out live next week. Look below for the fine print.

best, Peter