World Premiers Unfolding in Realtime!


Hi esteemed travelers of the tribal tech,

It’s been a wonderful time of songwriting, sunny days, doggie walks, and NetFlicks eves!

We’ve got a side hobby that’s creeped in and it all revolves around our “You Can Call Me Al” video that’s currently taking a wild ride over at YouTube.

228,307 views but who’s counting? 

We all are counting in fact it’s become a daily band text banter item — how many views is it at now? Digital Brian has taken it to another level, he’s given up his day gig and has been studying the analytics of who’s watching, where are they from, and most importantly, WHY. I’ll let you know what he discovers but in the meantime, maybe take a spin if you haven’t already and let us know what your theory is on why it’s on fire.

For sonic contrast, after the bop of “Al,” here’s a sweet folksy tune with the wonderful Pamela Pendrell at the helm. This is from our recent Holiday livestream show.

Next, coming up this Friday evening it’s Episode 26 Live(ish) From SpragueLand!

Here’s the YouTube link

Ladies and gents, the pandemic marches on and we’re all spending a good part of our life barricaded at home just out of reach from the mighty covid. I’m super fortunate to be able to work from my house and if you’re like me, you make that space have all of the cool things going on—creative environment, music, comfortable, family, and restful. I love my home and I love my life there.

For this livestream concert we’re assembling The Tribute Rebels and we’re composing brand new songs about different aspects of our life at home.

Who are the Tribute Rebels you ask?

Currently there exists a movement all over the country for bands to put on “themed” concerts focusing on the music of some famous artist. Many wonderful things come from this—you learn the fine details of the artist’s music at a level that’s much deeper than you would from just listening to it, plus it’s a cool ride playing a tune you’ve only heard on record and then taking it live. For the audience there’s an added attraction and interest, “how are they going to pull off bringing Paul Simon’s songs into the jazz realm?” A lot of us do it for both the musical enrichment and the hope of garnering up solid interest at the box office.

And then on the other side of this “themed” concert idea, sometimes it’s nice to do a full 180 and focus only on our own music. For us composers, coming up with new music breathes new life into our art.

To address this current state of affairs we’re bringing together The Tribute Rebels (Peter, Tripp, Danny, Justin, and Duncan) for a night of freshly composed music that has its own “themed framework” at play. For this installment the theme is Songs of Home.

Danny has written two songs, I’ve got four pieces written (one about our little house called “The Bliss Station,” one about our cozy “Fireplace,” one about the wonderful invention of rest —“Pillow,” and one about a weird kitchen appliance called “Convection Oven,” hah!), Tripp’s coming up with a collaboration song with his daughter Kate, and Justin’s inventing a tale about his perfect pitch enabled sons. Sounds fun and to add some vocal spice to the mix, all the way from the hardcore winters of Oceanside, Allison Adams Tucker is our singing corespondent phoning in a performance of “Fireplace” that’s sure to warm up the cabin and bring some visual trance experiences into the fray. 

All of these performances are world premiers, all unfolding in realtime. Daring! Like balancing on the highwire at a circus without a net. (I wouldn’t do that.)


The band includes some of the best with Danny Green on piano, Tripp Sprague on sax and flute, Justin Grinnell on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and me on guitar. We’ll also have a special guest appearances from vocalists Allison Adams Tucker and Kate Sprague.

Price of admission? Actually the concert is free but we will have a “virtual tip jar” complete with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo info for you to donate whatever you feel good about. Also, old reliable snail mailing checks works too. You folks have been super generous with this and it makes us happy.

(It’ll show up as Satyam Music, that’s my music company)Be sure when asked “Paying for an item or service” to hit the Change button and select the “family or friends” option to bypass the fees.
Venmo: @PeterSprague
Zelle: Peter Sprague
mail checks via snail mail to:
Peter Sprague
311 East Glaucus St.
Encinitas, CA 92024

that’s it friends and see you on Friday, best, Peter

Al Is Currently On a Wild Exponential Arc!


Hi Friends!

Greetings from SpragueLand and a wild thing is happening right now —a unique mini phenomena!

About four weeks back we played our Holiday on Saltwater livestream and it went well. First off, thanks to those who have tuned in. After the show I got in there and remixed five songs from the night of music, choosing ones that we’ve never recorded before.

Next, two days ago I uploaded the tunes to YouTube and right off the bat one of the songs was getting a bunch of plays. It’s our arrangement of Paul Simon’s catchy “You Can Call Me Al.” Lisa’s singing with great spirit along with Pam on backups, Tripp on sax, Danny on piano, Duncan drumming away, Justin’s burning it up on eBass, and me on guitar. It’s a cool version I think and it has a few unique twists and turns plus a sax and guitar solo.

Right now the song’s view counter is taking a ride on some exponential arc that’s adding over 1000 views per hour. Heavens, I’ve never had that happen before! People are digging the tune and it’s gathering super positivity comments too. 

Check out the vid and let me know if it’s working with your ears. 

Cool, and if you feel so inspired please pass around the link to your family and friends (maybe enemies too) and together we can blow up YouTube! Huzzah!

Sorry about the cancelled and moved gigs for the month of January. The covid heat was getting too close for comfort. The gigs have moved over to the month of March where we’re hoping that the tsunami passes along through by then.

But, good news, Live(ish) From SpragueLand continues to supply the soundtrack for our slightly quarantined life with a new episode in the works for January 28th. 

Here’s the info and we’d love to have you with us as The Tribute Rebels continue the revolution!

that’s it for now, you can all me Betty, peace, Peter

Scott Henderson Ripping it Up!


Dear Friends!

The holiday hurricane has passed on through and now it’s all about cold. Wow! Getting a taste of what real winters can feel like. And I know they’re chanting “you ain’t seen nothing yet” in Wisconsin…

We don’t have any live gigs this week but I thought I’d get the word out about fusion avatar guitarist Scott Henderson’s concert at Dizzy’s in San Diego on Sunday, January 9th. He’s bringing his own trio and believe me, they rip it up!

His music is fusion, so he’s playing a guitar with distortion and it has some rock feel to it but the harmony and lines are sophistication amped up to ten. Think Weather Report meets Albert King. Good stuff!

I use to teach at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and Scott was there at that time too. He joined Chick Corea’s group after the little stint I had playing with Chick. What a great fellow and a gifted muso.

I’m going to the concert and they’re requiring masks and some distancing too. Got to stay safe!

Maybe I’ll see you there and look below for the details:

Sunday, Jan 9th 8:00PM
Jazz/Blues guitarist Scott Henderson
$20 cash or Venmo
Outstanding Jazz/Blues guitarist Scott Henderson – former sideman for Chick Corea, Jean-Luc Ponty, & Joe Zawinul – brings his French trio to dizzy’s, featuring Romain Labaye bass & Archibald Ligonniere drums

1717 Morena Blvd, San Diego 92110
Arias Hall behind the Musician’s Association building.


that’s it for now, best, Peter