The Tale of the Data Lords!

  alutations In Faster Upload Speeds! Friends, it’s good to see you and I’m reporting from a gray, cozy morning here at the SpragueLand Office of Propaganda. After the recent rad fun Alison Krauss livestream show we made another attempt with a night of music from the Danny Green Trio. […] Read more »

Strum Factor 11!

  reetings Friends! Hope you all are fairing well. Here’s a tale that leads into this week’s livestream concert. There are many sonic textures one can explore on the guitar and one of my favorites is the Strum Factor 11. Strumming they call it —sheens of tonality glistening in the […] Read more »

Tuning Up the Jangle For Next Week!

Greetings Friends! Here’s a head’s up for a show next week. We’re tuning up the jangle on the guitars and learning some Alison Krauss songs. Currently having fun and hope you can join in. The whole backstory will be included in next week’s gig email… until then, straight ahead and […] Read more »