Wild Inventions!

Greetings Friends, the other day I got a call from a newspaper fellow seeking answers for 10 questions. Random stuff, not all music related, but a fun spin nevertheless. It’s here:


What a joyful time it’s been. I’m back, I’m fixing a few things in the house, tinkering with recording studio issues, writing a few new pieces, discovering wild inventions, surfing loads, and catching up with my wife Stef. Happiness is living in Cali!


Speaking of discovering wild inventions, you know I have a double neck guitar, check out this thing! Imagine having it strapped around your neck…

I’ve got some nice gigs this week starting off with a return to the Roxy in Encinitas on Thursday night for a solo guitar hit. It’s been a while since we all got together there and I’m sharpening up the songs and we’ll blast off into the six string society! Join in!


Next up, I’ll be at Dizzy’s on Saturday night playing some new music by pianist Joshua White. It’s a great band and it’ll be a hoot to see where it all leads. Look below for the deets.

Joshua White

Joshua White

Leonard and I are playing a concert on Sunday night at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Carlsbad. They have an ongoing music series and we’re stoked to be included. It’s a great setting for a concert and it’s always a holiday to be in the loop with Leonard singing and playing the cajon. Dream walkin’ here we come!


Rounding the bend for the week, next Monday night I’m playing the Handlery Hotel gig with vocalist Rebecca Kilgore and bassist Tom Wakeling. They hail from Portland and Holly Hofmann, who books the series, says these folks cook. I’m stoked to be included and it’ll be new for all of us. See you there…

Rebecca Kilgore

Rebecca Kilgore

There it is for this week and I’m wrapping it up. Stay well and see you in the surf, all best, Peter