Wicked Juxtapositions

Friends, starting the morning off with Charlie Parker and Ella blasting live from Carnegie Hall in 1949. This sets up perfectly a story of wicked juxtapositions.

My Mom Carol now lives at an assisted living place in Cardiff and it’s one of the best. Great food and believe me, this is a pivotal element in finding the right place. The staff is really nice and totally equipped with taking care of oldsters that have a few missing links upstairs. It’s a perfect fit and it’s close to us kids so frequent visits are easy to pull off. My Mom and I like taking the dogs for a walk and this is where we explore two radically different worlds. First, we launch our adventure from the facilities pristine, totally orderly, everything in line living room and from there, just past the parking lot, things turn wild. They built this place right next to the coolest, old untampered California sage lined canyon with secret trails and outcroppings of eucalyptus trees. Now we’re into uncharted territory and it’s a groove! The dogs love the freedom, and my Mom comes alive inside the adventure. I’ve always thought finding the balance between civilization and nature and having them both present in your life makes the puzzle work out. When you’re out in the wild, who cares if someone repeats what they just told you a minute before. It’s all music orchestrating the footsteps leading the way through natural beauty.

Mom leaving civilization behind!

Mom leaving civilization behind!

We had a killer show at Dizzy’s last weekend and the band was on fire, led by the amazing Joshua White!

Joshua White live at Dizzy's. photo by Bonnie Wright

Joshua White live at Dizzy’s.
photo by Bonnie Wright

All set for this week, on Thursday night I’m heading over to the Roxy Restaurant in downtown Encinitas for a solo guitar session. This I love, the killer sound of six strings, pick out a handful of tunes to explore, let ‘em fly, eat some great food, connect with friends and new folks—the whole package is a total win. Hope you can join us in the good times!


On Saturday night Leonard Patton and I are lined up to play a show at the Rock Valley House Concert. We did this gig a few years back and it was a hoot! Really nice setup with food and enthusiastic folks in attendance. I’m told that this year it’s sold out but maybe some waiting list possibilities are available. Check it out if you’re thinking about it…

Next week we’ll drive east out to Yuma to take part of the Yuma Jazz Series. It’ll be Leonard and I and we’ve done it before in years past. I love the evening heat and the good vibe of the Yumsters! Pass along the info if you’ve got kin residing east.

PS and Leonard in red!

PS and Leonard in red!

There’s the jazz tale for this week. Remember, keep the sky in your head!

all best, Peter