Wes Bound!

G reetings Friends of Sound!

I’m doing a sonic tour of the great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery right now as I write. Do you know his music?

I remember this wonderful ski adventure trip that my family made back in the late 60’s. We were living in California and our destination was the majestic slopes of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. This was a two day drive and we made it in a rented RV with an 8 track tape player. I think the only tape that we had to play was Wes Montgomery’s “A Day in the Life.” It was on continual rotation and Wes was one of my Dad’s favorite jazz artists. We too grew to love this era of Wes which combined a unique blend of jazz and pop. Wes’ early roots were in bebop but as time moved on he also embraced radio hits as his vehicle of expression.

You might want to check out his album “A Day in the Life.”

Along similar lines, today I’m releasing a new album called “Never My Love.” 

For this album I’ve gathered some of my favorite songs that were pop hits in mostly the 60’s. There are a few earlier and later classics in there too. I’m keeping it gentle and letting the songs lead the way. The great bassist Nathan East once reminded me to “play pretty.”

How about this — if you are trying to navigate the 805 / 5 merge on a Friday late afternoon, this might be the right choice of a soundtrack to keep you from going ballistic. 

Here’s the list of songs:
1) Can’t Help Falling in Love
2) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
3) Corcovado
4) Englishman in New York
5) Fly Me to the Moon
6) I Only Want to Be With You
7) I’ve Got a Crush on You
8) If You Could Read My Mind
9) La Vie En Rose
10) Never My Love
11) Blackbird
12) When You Say Nothing at All

Here’s the band line up:
Peter Sprague — guitars
Danny Green — piano
Rebecca Jade — background vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax and flute
Mack Leighton — bass
Duncan Moore — drums and vibes

Hunt down the music from my webstore

On Spotify

On Apple Music

For live music this week, tomorrow (Tuesday) night Danny Green, Mack Leighton, and I are playing at the Senses: A Human Bistro at Park and Market in downtown San Diego. We hit at 6:30pm and we’re looking forward to playing at this new venue. We’ve got some great songs lined up and please join us if you can. Look below for the details.

Last week I talked with KSDS’ Dave Drexler on the subject of my ridiculous schedule of new album releases (five in 2022 and five in 2023 and the year isn’t even over yet). Why is this happening? Tune into Dave’s segment HERE and maybe you can makes sense of it even if I can’t.

there it is friends and see you soon, Peter