Watercolors of Metheny!


Greetings Human Consortium of Sound! 

Good to meet up on this Monday of shifted clock times. Last week was all about a few rare live gigs and what a joy to trance out in realtime. The music at the SD Library and Dizzy’s was a hoot and I’m so happy that the virus is easing up. Warmer days are coming and it’s all about taking in the great outdoors and eating a salad on the deck…

photo by Stefanie Sprague, salad bowl by Patrick Trimm

Up for this week is our monthly Live(ish) From SpragueLand and here’s the backstory and details.

Peter Sprague Plays Pat Metheny
Wednesday, March 16, 2022

You Tube link for livestream show

For those who know me, know that over here at SpragueLand we are big fans of Pat Metheny’s music. We’ve already produced two Metheny music livestreams and played numerous live concerts over the years. For me, his blend of melodicism, his jazz meets Americana, and Brazilian influences is just the right blend and truly the guiding light into how I like to present music. He’s the real deal!

It turns out, for the first time in my life, Pat has asked me and the band to back him up for a private concert in L.A. at the end of this week. What a thrill and we’re already working on the setlist. Pat has in mind some of his older songs — New Chautauqua, Sea Song, River Quay, and Watercolors. — these are all new to me. To these classics we’ll had songs that Leonard sings including, Song to Bilbao, Are You Going With Me, Questions and Answers, and Travels — all of them outfitted with lyrics by Randy Phillips.

So the idea of this show is to work up the new songs in rehearsal, play the Live(ish) From SpragueLand broadcast, later in the week rehearse the program with Pat, and then the next day play the actual concert. We want to be prepared and given that the Metheny gig is a private event we thought it’d be nice to share our progress with you folks. Just to be clear, Pat won’t be on the livestream show but only the private gig later in the week.

The band includes some of the best with Leonard Patton on vocals, John Opferkuch on piano, Mack Leighton on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and me on guitar.

It’ll be fun and we hope you can tune in…

all best, Peter

Price of admission? Actually the concert is free but we will have a “virtual tip jar” complete with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo info for you to donate whatever you feel good about. Also, old reliable snail mailing checks works too. You folks have been super generous with this and it makes us happy.

Paypal: petersprague@sbcglobal.net
(It’ll show up as Satyam Music, that’s my music company)
Be sure when asked “Paying for an item or service” to hit the Change button and select the “family or friends” option to bypass the fees.

Venmo: @PeterSprague

Zelle: Peter Sprague peter@petersprague.com

Mail checks via snail mail to:
Peter Sprague
311 East Glaucus St.
Encinitas, CA 92024

A few notes:
You don’t have to watch the show live. The same YouTube link will bring up the recording for you to view anytime.

If you do watch it live (and we recommend this), you can participate in the live chat during the concert as long as you have a YouTube account.  

Click here to watch a vid, leading you through the easy process of creating a YouTube account. Maybe do this before the concert begins.