Vista House Concert!

Greetings Good People!

Just a quick one letting you know that this Saturday evening we’re playing a house concert in Vista. It’ll be Leonard and I and we did the same gig last year. The setting is fantastic, outdoors, over looking a canyon, good people, good listeners, good vibe. Look below for details and directions and hope to see you there!

Leonard and PS doing it!
photo by Lou Roubitchek

that’s it, adios, Peter

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  1. Absolutely spectacular in the most Zen of Loud silence. Peter & Leonard, thank you for a transcendent experience. The vocals were resonant and vibrationally alive in a unique way that I felt in my body. The way you feel percussion as a parade passes by. Visceral. Peter, your playing is inspired. There”s so much knowledge in your hands that it seemed they allowed your mind to momentarily escape to some other greater source of lnowing to retrieve a new expression of a familiar passage. Leonard, you played the box you sat on with finesse and mastery. People won’t get that! You’re a magician.

    You’re both masters of completely unique arrangements of, as you put it, “your favorites”. All of them were completely unpredictable. A few aporoached numinous. I was spellbound by your first set, and cried during the second for the beauty you both brought to “Hallelujah”. ….”Redemption Song”, and “Norwegian Wood”; beautiful.
    I left happy and reminiscent of moving to San Diego in 1985, and seeing you play at the Catamaran, Peter. You and Leonard are so good together.
    I’m better for having heard you perform ….

    I have a very lovely photo of you two under the night sky and the big eucalyptus tree.

    • How nice Kate and thanks for making the concert and for this lovely note. Us too, such a great time making music and sharing the good vibes with others. We live for that!

      Yes, if you can share that photo we’d love it.

      Take good care and hope to see you again. We’ll try to keep the sonic magic flowing, all best, Peter