Up and At It!

Warm Hearted Folk!

I’m getting right to it today as time is thin! The heater man is showing up in a few minutes, I’ve got some last minute studio stuff I have to do and then I’ll zip to Palomar College to play. From there I zap to Orange County for a meeting and after that I’ll integrate in with the rush hour traffic to inch on home, and then meet friends for dinner. 

Tomorrow and through the weekend looks similar. No surfing (actually I’m stoked that it’s gail winds out there) for this fellow!

Here’s where the music is going down:

Today at 1pm, Leonard and me at Palomar College.

Leonard and Peter living the good life!
Photo by Steve Wood

Friday at 12:30 pm it’ll be me and my guitar strumming along at Flower Hill. Weather permitting.

Friday night at 5:30pm it’ll be Leonard and me having fun at Solterra in Leucadia. This place is super soulful with killer food and good sound!

Saturday morning (sorry this isn’t open to the public) we’re rehearsing the new big piece that I recently composed. It’s called “Rendezvous In Realtime” and I can’t wait to hear it in realtime, (versus how I’ve been hearing it while composing  just with the machines playing it back.)

Sunday afternoon at 2pm Leonard and me concertizing at the PB Library.

Sunday later at 4pm we’re all celebrating the good fellow Bob Magnusson at Dizzy’s!

Bob Magnusson on bass.
photo by Michael Oletta

Monday super early I fly up to Seattle to play that night with Sinne Eeg at Jazz Alley. If you’ve got friends up there, pass along a good word. Sinne is amazing!

Sinne and Peter. We started out with a few duo shows.

Tuesday I’ll fly home and take in a few breaths.

Wednesday we’re heading to Rancho Bernardo to the library to play a concert of Cole Porter music and beyond. It’ll be Lisa Hightower, Trippster, Duncan, Gunnar and me. Fun!

that’s the word bird, thanks for reading, adios, namaste, keep the sky in your head, hasta, Peter


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  1. Peggy Hamerly says:

    I had the pleasure of hearing you and Leonard Patton at Palomar College Concert Hour yesterday and it was wonderful! The music just oozed out of both of you so effortlessly and transported everyone to another place! Amazing musicianship! Loved the song in Portuguese! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!