Untitled Original 11386

Greetings Good People!

Lots of news since we last spoke and lets begin with the current soundtrack taking over the airwaves here at SpragueLand. Recently some lost John Coltrane (he passed away in 1967) tracks were unearthed by Coltrane’s first wife, Juanita Naima Coltrane. The CD is called Both Directions at Once and was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio in New Jersey, the small-group jazz’s premier recording habitat, on March 6, 1963. This is a little before the classic A Love Supreme was recorded. 

This is one of my favorite eras of Coltrane where he’s modern and powerful and just a little before he fully stretched out and conversed with the spirits of Mars and beyond. There are new tunes in this collection and I’m loving “Untitled Original 11386.” How’s that for a descriptive title? Leave it to the music and here we find ‘Trane on soprano sax ripping it up. This is a great way to be welcomed back to the good ol’ USA! Coltrane for president!

Hey, I just returned to Encinitas after a two week run in Denmark, just in time for a shark attack. More on that later but for now — DENMARK! Copenhagen with Sinne on vocals! Wow was it a great tour with concerts every night and exceptional music and enthusiastic fans in attendance. Sinne’s got a great following over there. We played all over the country (it’s super small) and mostly in concert halls but one gig was on an apple farm complete with apple beer. Wicked!

There are so many things to like about that country and it’s people. Highlights for me were: 

  • Bike lanes and bike culture equals clean air and built in exercise.
  • Happiest folks on earth and yeah, mega taxes but health care for days, shorter work weeks, time to think, time to be kind to each other, time to take in a jazz show.
  • All of the gigs had a catered meal of supreme quality and they accommodated this vegan warrior with endless beet salads, potatoes, and carrots. It turns out it’s easier to find the pretty notes on a full belly.
  • I love this idea of city vibe — Copenhagen — then drive for fifteen minutes and you’re experiencing wide open green meadows and trees. Urban sprawl-less!

Still, with all of this, I missed my scene back here —my family gang, my muso mafia and the surf! Heavens, the surf in Denmark is windy and beyond cold. I will return back there for sure though, can’t get enough of that beautiful music and freshly picked apples!

Sinne and Peter. We started out with a few duo shows.

Sinne and the band. Then we did some group gigs with (left to right) Lennart Ginman, Zoltan, Sinne, Jacob Jacob Christoffersen, and Peter in Hinnerup.

Then a wonderful stream of duo hits! This one in Esbjerg.

Surfs up in Federicia! Actually it would of been good if some swells could of made it in there. What beauty though, right?


Last Saturday in the morning I decided to not go surfing because it looked too small. Just then, right where I normally surf, Beacons Beach, a shark attacked a young fellow. You’ve probably heard all about this and thankfully the kid is going to heal up. It’ll take a while but he’s already talking about getting back in the water. 

This whole thing is shaking up our local surf culture and yes, we’re going back in the water but we’re thinking about it a lot. While waiting for waves I’m keeping my feet on my board. It’s awkward but maybe it’ll help. Hah! 

Most of us are framing it as a freak accident and just this morning I surfed in Del Mar instead with hopes of further diluting the freak accident quotient. 

Oh well, cowabunga nonetheless!

PS attempting to out run the men in the grey suits!

I’ve got gigs this week and they are good ones! Come and join in if you can.

Starting with a solo guitar exploration fest at Del Mar’s Flower Hill Promenade on Friday afternoon at 12:30pm.

From there I join in on the flow of traffic heading south and make my way to the Handlery Hotel for a Friday early evening gig. It’ll be Mack on bass, Duncan on drums, and me on the double neck guitar. I wrote a new tune one morning in Denmark and it’s called “Copenhagen Mist.” How about this? For this gig lets gather together and celebrate the new song’s world premier and entry into the atmosphere! Welcome little chord chart, little song sketch. It’s a beautiful world but keep a safe distance from the crooked music business. It might make you edit out some of the “wrong” notes. Hah…

Trio time at the Handlery!
photo by Michael Oleta

On Saturday afternoon I’m playing music at a fundraising event open to the public at the Solana Beach City Hall Gallery. Fellow artist and San Dieguito Academy alumni Kevin Anderson along with his paintings will be showcased at the event. It’s free if you want to venture out and look below for the details.

I’ve got a busy Sunday starting off with a solo concert at the Vista Library. It’s at 1:30pm and is free with a good setup for music.

Next, fantastic vocalist Allison Adams Tucker and I are playing a house concert in Del Mar on Sunday early evening. She has the most beautiful sound and she chooses cool songs too — jazz, samba, French ballads, and Joni Mitchell. In case you didn’t know, house concerts RULE and look below for the info.

For details and ticket information contact Allison at allegatomusic@gmail.com

There it is folks and Coltrane is still playing solos as we speak. That dude keeps on keeping on!

stay well, Peter