Tres Amigos In Cabo!

H ola Compadres!

We had a great time loosing track of time in San Jose del Cabo. Wild weather (a hurricane made landfall near Mazatlan which was 200 miles from us) so we had it all — torrential rain, sunny with psychedelic clouds, warm every which way plus the warmest of water (85 degrees). Good surf too! Tripp’s son Sam was in the loop with us and he got into eating the hottest entrée on the menu at several of the restaurants that we visited. Literally burning up but happy!

Eyes on the horizon in Cabo…left to right, Tripp, Peter and Fred.

We’re back and ready to play at Ki’s in Cardiff this Friday evening. It’s Danny, Mack, and me on board for a night of music, friendship, great food, and a guaranteed killer sunset over the ocean. See you there!

Here’s a new vid that I just did a fix/remix on and uploaded to YouTube. It’s our version of the wonderful Beatles classic “Norwegian Wood.” Everybody’s explored this song and now it’s our turn. Tempo modulations, poly chords, solo changes — all the ingredients to potentially destroy a song but if served up in proper balance, possible magic is at play. 

Have a listen and see if we got it right. 

Allison is with us on vocals and what a joy to ride along on this song with her and the boys.

Peter Sprague — guitar
Allison Adams Tucker — vocals
John Opferkuch — piano
Tripp Sprague — sax
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

that’s it friends and thanks for riding along, best, Peter