Trees Forever!

Good Folks!

I’ve been on the run and now I’m resting up before I align once again with the friendly skies later in the week. I’ll be heading to Connecticut to join the magic Dianne Reeves and band on Friday.

We just got back from a few concerts in the Pacific Northwest. Portland was cool and we had a wonderful hit at Classic Pianos. Got to see my daughter Kylie too! From there we made the peaceful drive to Tacoma. Trees forever, my kind of driving! Had a wonderful show there and a great turnout. We’ll go again!

Marquee in Tacoma!

Hey, this is great, our Planet Cole Porter recording is nominated for the best jazz album for 2017. We’re in great company and it’s a real honor to even be considered. Deets here.

I forgot to mention this one local gig I have this week and it takes place on Wednesday at Crush Restaurant in Solana Beach. It’ll be Tripp and I playing from 7pm to 10pm and the setup for music is excellent with good sound and folks tend to really tune in. Hope to see you there!

photo by Rick Sokol

all the best, P