The Traveling Wilburys of Leucadia

Heya, it’s the Traveling Wilburys of Leucadia calling! Sharing the good news of music all around the county.

Last week, check out the imagery:

Tight quarters at Ki’s but being close leads to great music. With Tripp, Lisa, and Peter

Deep in trance, making up new music with master Joshua White at the Encinitas Library. The Ruthless Hippies sponsored this show and it was a real hightlight. Joshua’s a powerhouse!

And rounding out the week we trekked up to the purple glow at the Merc with vocalist Erroyln Healy. She has a new CD just out called Moonlighting and this was a release concert. Pretty sounds!

Tuning up for this week first I’m heading out to the Ramona Library for a Thursday night solo guitar concert. I’ve never played there before and so happy that they called. I’ve got a neat program planned, drawing from the new Lucy CD release, and it’ll be good to be flying solo once again. Free concert too! See ‘ya there…

We had a slick rehearsal yesterday for drummer Matt Smith’s concert at Dizzy’s slated for Friday night. The band is stellar including Matt on drums, Mack Leighton on bass, Jim Plank playing vibes, and I get to ride along too strumming the guitar. The vibes/guitar melody mix is classic! Everyone brought in tunes and it’s a well rounded collection of jazz in various forms. Should be a good night of music and we hope you can join in!

Matt Smith, Mack Leighton, Jim Plank, and PS.

There it is folks and over ’n out, Peter