Traveling the Acoustic Airwaves!

Hi Good People!

New year, new positive prospects, new lease, new options. It’s all looking up, mostly! Hah!

I’ve been coughing like a mad man since I last saw you. We left off leading right up until Christmas and we had our big concert. It was so much fun and a huge success!

That’s a lot of people and if you look by the base of the tree you’ll see us.

Later today I’ll upload a few videos from the show and I’ll let you know when they arrive at YouTube. It was a Beatles fest and Day Tripper levitated the whole place!

On the way back from the concert, all the gear was loaded up and I felt that bummer feeling in your throat when you know a mega cold is starting it’s whirlwind. From there, it took hold and I was at the throes of a full on congested upper part of my body. Clogged ears, clogged nose, you know the drill.

It lasted until now! The full 2 week version.

Although, it might of gone away a little sooner had I not ventured out into the surf. Urgghhh!

I couldn’t resist. Look at these waves!

Heading up!
photo by Jeff Rose

You can’t tell from the photo that I have a cold, right?
photo by Mark Francoise

While we’re on the surfing subject, this just in:
My favorite surf magazine by a long shot is the Surfer’s Journal and this month they used one of my tunes for an online video segment called “A Moment of Reflection for 2017.”

Check it out. 

Our daughter Kylie’s birthday lands on the day after Christmas and thankfully she was in town over the holidays. We managed to walk to the waters edge:

and here’s Stef and her smile:

I’m back on the gig wagon and coming up tomorrow night, Tripp and I head out to Julian to play a concert at the library. It’s a wonderful space for music and the good people of the mountains always make it a special moment.

Next up, on Thursday night I travel to Ramona and play a solo show at their library. I’m telling you, LIBRARIES are the new frontier. Folks listen, the sound is good, kids crawl the floors all the while I’m up there aspiring to be the Einstein of the acoustic airways. Never will I make it but alas, the process of the whole deal is magic. Come and join me!

Working it out on the floor.
photo by Barbara Rix

For the final gig of the week, it’s a real joy to connect once again with Mary Fettig. She’s a wonderful saxophone and flautist from the Bay Area and years ago, we both were recording for Concord Records. We were the new up and comers and had the opportunity to make a record with some big jazz legends.

I’ve run into Mary a few times since then but we haven’t played together since.

Until now!

She’s flying down and together along with Duncan on drums and Justin Grinnell on bass, we’re playing a show at the Handlery on Friday night. It’ll be a special night of music and I know Mary’s playing up a storm! Hope to see you there…

That’s the plan for now folks and it’s good to be connected once again.

all best, Peter

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  1. alan wilson says:

    Hi, Peter:

    Just wanted to thank you again for making Jennifer’s and my 40th anniversary celebration so amazing at RV on Saturday night. It was wonderful to meet you and to hear you play in an intimate setting like the wine vault. (The problem for me was that I wanted to sit right in front of you and absorb every single note you played, but as the host I had that pesky duty to mingle – aaargh!).

    I am REALLY enjoying the CD’s you gave me. Thank you again for those.

    Our friends and family said a lot of nice things to us that night but one of the neatest remarks came from you when you said to me, “Let’s keep in touch.” That made me feel great! So now, I’ll definitely feel comfortable coming up to the stage and saying hi to you the next time I’m in attendance at one of your concerts (which I frequently am)!

    Thanks again, Peter!



    • Hey Alan, so nice to hear from you and that was a really fun party. Thanks for having me and I loved meeting your family and friends! And thanks for being so generous too!

      And for sure YES, do stay in touch and if you make it out to a gig, lets catch up a little. Love to hear about your ongoing interest in music. The BEST thing going as far as I can tell!

      stay well and see you soon I hope, Peter