Tonal Grounding of the Harp!

Friends! End ‘o October and there’s a mini chill over here this morning. I’m warming the house with Alice Coltrane’s harp on “Journey in Satchidananda.” Pharaoh Sanders is on tenor and the music could easily head completely out but it hovers in eastern bliss tonality with the magnetism of the very grounded harp. Killer blend of out and in, waves of plucky harp swirls, hand percussion, Charlie Haden’s low end wood bass, and of course Pharoah’s wisdom of the soprano sax. It’s working!


It’s been a studio marathon life mixing Christmas music, mixing gospel tunes, mixing jazz music from San Francisco. Mixing is one of the best parts of recording—you get to pull in all of the details, the tracking is done and you’re making final decisions. Plus you’re wrapping!

How nice to offset the studio work with a Roxy Restaurant solo guitar hit this week! I’ll be there on Wednesday night at 7pm with the six strings in hand for a night of my music, Beatles, jazz, samba, the loop machine, the guest sit-ins on the 2nd set, and the artichoke sandwich. They’ve built a stage, they’ve calmed down the echoey sound of the new room and there’s good potential for this place. Hope to see you there!


On Thursday night we’re thrilled to be included in the music series at the La Jolla Community Center. It’ll be myself along with Leonard Patton on vocals and Tripp Sprague on sax and flute. The food and wine start out at 7pm and then the music concert kicks in at 8pm. It’s a nice room for music and folks really tune in. We’ve got a slick set planned and it should be a fun night of music, friends, and food. Look below for the fine print.


There it is and as Alice makes “A Stopover in Bombay”, the tamboura fades out and we’re left with a good feeling, the kindness of humanity, that life is on the right track. Just make sure to ride this out for a little while before tuning back into the election race bad talking free for all.

peace outwards, Peter