The S&S Influence

Fantastic Folks! Coming to you with the influence of saltwater and sun and it’s a nice way to welcome the new week. Mini surf but pure magic down there nevertheless. What a place to live and call home!

Leonard and I played the Solterra Winery last eve and it was a super cool gig. It was Sunday so the place wasn’t noisy and folks were listening and the food and ambience was off the Richter! We’re going back there next month and I’ll talk up the gig more then. It’s 4 blocks from my house and their beet salad is life changing!

This week it’s a short note as tomorrow Leonard and I are starting our duo recording sessions and if talent and luck come together, by the end of the week we’ll have a new disc. Today I’m practicing parts and also plugging in the guitar rig and mics and doing a few experiments. The challenge is that I’m playing guitar and at the same time running the board. And with Leonard in the other room I’m also hooking up the vid camera so we can see each other as we jam…Cool beans at SpragueLand!

Leonard and Peter last week at Palomar College. photo by Rachael Kolb

Leonard and Peter
photo by Rachael Kolb

The Roxy revolution of six strings and friends continues on Thursday night in Encinitas. I’ll be at the Roxy at 7pm playing solo and this I love. See you there!

Friday night vocalist Lisa Hightower is back in the loop with us at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. Gunnar will be playing bass and together we cruise that sonic magic carpet ride called jazz music. Hop on for the ride to nirvana in sound and see you there!

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter photo by Barbara Rix

The Trio with Gunnar, Lisa, and Peter
photo by Barbara Rix

happy trails, Peter