The Sprague Sleep Edition

Salutations of Goodwill!

Today is a chill factor six with generous sleep and listening to Blue Note classic sides. I’ve been going strong for four weeks solid. I went from the Euro trip and back, landed in SD and right away immersed myself into the Rendezvous music rehearsals and concerts. Wow, super beat plus dragging around a nagging energy draining cough. I’m thrilled to coast for a little while.

Last week’s Encinitas Library concert was a hit with happy attendees and I think good music too. The new piece is working and the next step is to set up some performances in January when Lars returns plus we’ll record it then too. We are really enjoying the grant experience.

Rendezvousing in Realtime with Bridget, Lars, Duncan, and me.
photo by Rick Sokol

Hey, the motivated folks over at Open Studio have revamped things and have a new look and feel for their online instructional vids. This is the company that handles my Sprague Technique and Jazz Covers videos. They’ve also added Geoffrey Keezer, Christian McBride, Edu Ribiero, and Dianne Reeves to their roster. Check it:

Just hitting newsstands today is the August issue of the San Diego Troubadour newspaper. The wild thing is is that they chose me to grace the cover with an in-depth article written by Robert Bush. I’ve known Robert for a lot of years and he’s really inside the music and I think asks and leads the interview into cool places. In addition he reached out to Pat Metheny and Chick Corea to get their angle on who I am. Wow, super psychedelic honor that is and thankfully, they had nice things to say. My band mates also voiced their opinions and this means a lot to me too. The whole experience has been a good vibe and how nice of Liz Abbot, the gal that creates the Troubadour paper, to highlight us local musos. A little bit of ink ramps the career path up a bit! Thanks also to photo wizard Michael Oletta for unearthing some classic photos (love that one with Mag and I). 

Click the photo below to take you to the whole article:

All set for this week I’m looking forward to a Saturday night Planet Cole Porter concert in downtown SD at the Jazz in the Courtyard concert at First Presbyterian Church of San Diego. It’ll be me with Rebecca Jade on vocals, brother Tripp the sax man, Gunnar on bass, and Duncan on drums. We’re already having fun just thinking about it! Please join in if you can and look below for details.

On Sunday afternoon at 3pm the Sprague Brothers return for a duo concert slot at the Carlsbad Music Festival. We’ll be right there on the lawn stage sharing the sound with the happy festival goers of Carlsbad. A guaranteed good time for all!

Signing off now folks and headed to maybe another nap. It’s time to catch up!

all best, Peter 

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  1. Bob Kido says:

    Get plenty of rest sir, we want you refreshed physically and spiritually so you can continue blessing us with your beautiful playing.