Broken In Half!


Hola Folks!

It’s a sunny chilly morning here in Encinitas and filling up the airwaves as I write you is Lyle Mays’ posthumous release “Eberhard.” Wow, what a gorgeous 11 minutes of music complete with Lyle’s evolving textures, his reverb embraced piano explorations, Bob Sheppard on sax, and a great surprise, vocals by Aubrey Johnson. If you remember, Aubrey has been our special livestream guest on two shows. She’s singing some incredible stuff on this track.

Beautiful music and may I suggest taking it for a spin.

It’s been a world of big ocean waves of late and I’ve been partaking. Dig this, the first time ever in my life, yesterday a wave broke my surfboard in half! Wow, I was already sitting way outside and then a monster came and it broke right on me. I bailed my board and when I surfaced I only had half a board. Hah! I want my money back! Super happy that it didn’t break me.

Today’s a good day because our “Rendezvous In Realtime” release makes it’s way into the world. We’ve played this music many times in concert and we even did a livestream. Now it’ll continue it’s life in the world of downloads and popular streaming platforms.

Here’s the backstory to the release and where you can purchase downloads.

Here’s where it lives on Spotify.

Here’s where it lives on Apple Music.

We’re playing live this weekend in the great outdoors. It’s getting cold at night but this modern invention, HEATERS, are in the mix and make a valiant attempt to aid in the warmth of the moment.

On Friday night we’ll be at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff with Tripp and Justin. It’s always fun!

And on Saturday night it’ll be my first time playing at the Black Rail in Carlsbad. We’ve got Leonard singing, Justin bass-ing, Tripp sax-ing, and me on the guitar. Sounds fun!

See the details below.

And check around the bend to next week, more concerts in the works.

that’s it and thanks for tuning in, best, Peter  

Sixty Six!


Happy Sunday Folks!

Just back from a sunrise surf sesh — tiny waves, fall chill in play but it’s always a good day in the water.

Fun realtime music last evening with Holly, Rob, and Duncan and the good news is that’ll happen next Saturday night as well. Details listed below…

It turns out that tomorrow is my birthday and the folks that host my instructional videos, Open Studio, run a special on that day only. 

Check it out:

We’re offering both of your courses (Jazz Guitar Foundations & Great Guitar Covers)  as a bundle together – for just $99 ($159 off) for Monday only via this link

So jump in and dig the tech that these folks have added to my vids—it’s so much easier to learn in these days of digitally slowed down transcribed phrases. Bebop heaven! 

Yeah, turning 66 years old on Monday and it’s a big number indeed. I was semi-bummed for a week when I turned 60, the standard getting old blues.  But now on this birthday I’m super grateful for all that I have — wonderful wife and kid, extended family, creative friends, music, ocean, bean burritos, killer house, magic doggie, double neck guitar, so far covid free, and I know I’ve left some other things out too. Oh yeah, smoothies with fresh orange juice and almond butter. 

And so happy to have all of you gig email recipients in the loop with me. Thanks for showing up at the livestreams (returning next month) and the gigs and digging your email responses. Live on friends of music!

hang ten, Peter

I Won’t Be There at Tonight’s Gig!


Greetings Folks!

I just got back from surfing and some enlightened dude fell off his board right in front of me propelling his board directly into my right index finger. Urghh…

I’m not going to die and it’ll heal up soon I think but for a few days at least I need to just let it be. It’s swollen and sore and when I tried playing a little guitar, wow, with every finger picking stroke came pain that made more internal noise than the guitar’s audio output.

Turn it up to eleven!

So the gig tonight with Leonard at the Black Rail is still going on and Leonard is getting a good sub for me to fill in. Justin will be there on bass as well.

Sorry folks for bailing and forever hang ten, Peter