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Greetings Summer Friends!

I hope this note is finding you well. We’re super loving summer over here…

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had fun making single video songs from our Live(ish) From SpragueLand Episode 30 — Day Tripper. The show went well and I took each song and made a few fixes and remixes and they now live happily ever after on YouTube. The blendo of Beatlemania, Rebecca Jade singing, killer band navigating, reimaginating (I know this isn’t a real word) arranging, and a more concise duration all lead the dear listener to a potentially pleasing aural dance. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah…

This week’s Beatles vid contribution is our jazzified take on Lennon and McCartney’s 1965 classic “Drive My Car.” Our version is a mashup of Mile’s “So What” and The Beatles original rock feel. 

There’s a great John Coltrane solo on his 1961 Live at the Village Vanguard album. The piece is called “Chasing the Trane” and this 16 minute F blues masterpiece finds Coltrane improvising like nobody’s business. I was so taken by this music that I slowed it down and studied his melodic choices for weeks on end. It was there too that the intro lick to my song “You Make Me Want to Sing” found it’s way.

At a few different spots on Coltrane’s solo he explores the triads for the one, the four, and the five chords and keeps mixing them up in pleasing ways. I took one of those patterns and it came to me, this is a cool way to start a calypso tune. Hah! Coltrane Calypso could of been the title but alas, it got lyrics and instead went the way of a love song where everything is going right.

We recorded this song back in 1977 and it made it’s way to our debut record You Make Me Want to Sing. 

Fast forward to now and here’s a new angle on the song with my niece Kate Sprague on vocals.

We’ve got a few concerts coming up and look below for the details.

yours in music, Peter 

Memorable Music Moment Number Four Million

Greetings Good Folks!

The last time we left off we were immersed in Beatlemania. The Day Tripper livestream was a hoot and since then I’ve been editing single song videos and they’ll make their way to YouTube next week. Enhanced sound and a joyful sonic trip all wrapped up in a less time commitment bundle.

I had the chance of playing with the New York Voices at the Irvine Barclay Theatre a few weeks back. They are four vocalists (two woman and two men) with piano, bass, drums, percussion, and me on guitar. Their music for this outing was all Brazilian songs (my favorites) and the vocal harmony and counterpoint was off the charts. Tricky arrangements and we rehearsed all day and then played the concert. Super memorable music moment #4,900,066!

It’s a jumble fest right there but that’s me squished in with the NY Voices and band.

Our favorite jazz writer Robert Bush recently scripted a piece for the SD Reader about our incredible Metheny encounter. It’s a dreamland read and it lives here:

If you’ve been a subscriber to my gig emails you know that surfing plays a major role in my life gig. It’s supreme fun and I’ve been at it since I was a little kid. Sort of an Endless Summer mission statement.

My main surf spot which is close to home is Beacons in Leucadia. It gets crowded so sometimes, if both parties agree to it, we share a wave and weave back and forth to get the joy of the glide together. Recently my friend Darius and I did the weave and it inspired him to write a song for his new record that found us not only weaving on the ocean wave, but also weaving on the sonic wave. It’s called “Sharing a Wave” and it’s on his new recording Slide the Wide Horizon and he’s known as Westwatcher.

It’s primo surf guitar lore and it lives here:

Up for this week we’re playing a concert in La Jolla on Friday night. It’ll be Tripp on sax and piano, Justin on bass, and me on guitar playing Miles’ music. These are songs from Miles Davis’ iconic Kind of Blue album and they are the new arrangements that I put together on our Blue Kind of Miles recording. 

It’s going to be a fun concert and look below for the details.

Cellist Lars Hoefs is in town from Brazil and he’s recording all week at SpragueLand. His group, The Blue Rose Trio plays Brazilian contemporary chamber music and the instrumentation is piano, clarinet, and cello. In addition to recording all week, on Saturday night they’re also playing a livestream concert broadcast from SpragueLand. These are world class musos sharing their music right to your living room. Here’s the poster with the YouTube link and they’d love to have you in the audience.

That’s the word up until now and take good care, Peter

All Together Now!

Hola La Gente Feliz!

I am hoping that this note finds you in good spirits. For us, we’re coming off the elation from last week’s Pat Metheny music gig and thanks to all of you that showed up and shared your wonderful enthusiasm with us.

Are You Going With Me with (left to right) Randy Phillips, John Opferkuch, Justin Grinnell, Duncan, Leonard, Rebecca, and Peter

Coming up for this week we have both a live concert on Thursday night and then we’ll share the same program on Friday night on our Live(ish) From SpragueLand broadcast. It’s all about the Beatles and here is a little bit of the backstory to this week’s offerings.

From the opening mega guitar riff on “Day Tripper” the Liverpool Four takes us on a musical journey quite unlike your typical tourist day trip.  Now we’re traveling the air waves to songs that forged the new frontier of pop music. It’s this that we’re tapping into.

Peter and the group present their jazzified arrangements of The Beatles classic songs including “Day Tripper,” “In My Life,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” and many others. With Rebecca Jade on vocals it’ll be a special summer night of creativity and nostalgia coming together as one.

The band includes some of the best with:
Peter Sprague — guitar
Rebecca Jade — vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute, and piano
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

The Thursday night concert is already sold out so we’ll move on to the details of the livestream show on Friday night:

YouTube link

Thanks friends for tuning in and as I attempt to comb my hair let me leave you with this:

Reporter: “[The Americans] think your haircuts are un-American,”
John Lennon: “Well, that’s very observant of them, cause we aren’t American, actually,” 

all best, Peter