The Purple Hand Edition

Hey It’s Me! I’ve been under the radar and kind of loving it. Experiencing life at a slightly toned down pace. 

Here’s why…

Last week I had a procedure done on my hand to straighten out my two smaller fingers. I planned this out six months ago, needing to find a magic time where I could be gig free for around a month.

This is the disease that I have:

Dupuytren’s Contracture

It’s a hereditary thing and I inherited it from my Dad.

His version was far worse than mine, he waited much later to have it operated on. For his operation they actually did full on surgery, cutting his hand open and removing all of the cords and funky collagen material. The healing time was long and painful but it worked.

As time marched on, this way of treating Dupuytren’s came along:


This is the way I’ve gone and the good news is it’s working out!

I have the “cords” on both hands but it’s worse on the right hand. Also, you only have the procedure done on one hand at a time because as it turns out, life is hard with only one operational hand.

Last week first I had the injection of the Xiaflex. My hand got swollen, black and blue, and hurt but the doc said this was good—the medicine was doing it’s thing of breaking down the cords. Later in the week I went back and this time the doc pulled the fingers straight and actually broke the cords. You could hear a faint “pop”. I liked this and it didn’t hurt as this time my hand was numbed by anesthesia.

Now my fingers are straight.


From there I went to the rehab place where Stef works and they made me a splint and gave me some hand exercises. I’ll wear the splint for 2 months.

And that brings us up to date. My hand is swollen, bruised, and stiff but it’s coming along nicely. The doc said it was OK to surf (the winter cold water feels good on the hand to bring down the swelling) and gently play the guitar. Everyday it’s improving and the best part is that my fingers are straight. This is much better for playing the guitar as before the little finger was starting to bend in too much for picking out notes evenly. 

I have my first gigs lined up in about 3 weeks and I’m really looking forward to performing again but I’m also loving cruising without gigs for awhile too. Long days of freedom from details makes for a happy camper.

Stay well friends and hope to see you out there soon!

happiness from Encinitas, Peter

PS, I’ve been studying this keyboard solo:

Snarky Puppy – Lingus

and then I came across this gal singing the solo. Mind blowing, all of it!

Camille Sings Lingus

With the free-floating time I worked on updating my website Vid page.


Plus, this item of propaganda recently surfaced:


(to read the article you have to “join” but it’s easy and it’s free).

Bye for reals…