The New Frontier

Friends, here’s a recipe for my good day:
  • Crack o’ dawn guitar practice sesh.
  • Morning gray day surf, small waves with cool folks in attendance.
  • Banana, berries, granola, almond milk, and rad tea concoction for vitality.
  • Recording session with a spirited songwriter. 
  • A few phone calls catching up with friends.
  • Email, a whole bunch, not super fun.
  • And now, Donald Fagen singing “New Frontier” setting the stage for the gig newsletter.

Have you heard “The Nightly” by Donald Fagen? What a classic record! Fagen is a funny and witty character and I just finished his book “Eminent Hipsters”. He’s a great writer and the last part of the book is a diary of sorts documenting a music tour he did with his band a few years back. I laughed so hard, I totally got it! He writes about the pitfalls of taking music out on the road —airlines versus guitars, trying to get a good sound in a venue that’s meant for athletics, subpar food contingency plans, and the list goes on. Hilarious!

I’ve had a week off from live gigs and it’s been a wonderful change of scenery. We spent the week up in Oceanside at a beach house and took in sunsets and moonsets along with rad ocean high tides, bumping into the rocks. I’m finally over my cold and happily rested. Lets’ go!

I’m looking forward to some live gigs this week starting with a busy Friday. During the day I’m playing solo guitar at the Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar. From there I meet Leonard at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff for a night of music, starting at 7:30pm. Jammin’ a little Marley I think.

Yuma gig a year back.

On Sunday I’m playing with pianist/organist Edward Gabrielyan and Duncan Moore at the Handlery Hotel in Mission Valley. Edward’s a younger fellow whose ripping it up and he asked us oldsters to play the gig with him. We’re playing a nice blend of tunes and I think it’ll be a good night of music. Look below for the details and hope to see you there….

That’s it folks and thanks for tuning in…all the best, Peter