Na Pali Coast Trio Surfs Again!

Hola Good People, summer surf, practicing the guitar, solo concert, Peter and Leonard at the winery, tweaking the dials at SpragueLand, it’s all falling into place!

This is from last week with me and Leonard jammin’ at the Soltera Winery. Those barrels of wine made the room sound exceptionally good!

Up for this week, we pull from the mid-1990’s two sonic avatars that I had the good fortune of collaborating with. I’m talking about flutist Steve Kujala and bassist John Leftwich. Together we made a couple of cool records and did a lot of gigging and traveling. I first met and learned of Kujala during his stint of playing with Chick Corea’s band. He was a mind blower and I was thrilled when he agreed to do some gigs with me. We struck up a friendship that endures to this day and when I think of flute, at the top of my list is Kujala.

Lefty (John’s nickname) and I go way back from rad times at San Dieguito High School and our first jazz group The Minor Jazz Quintet. He’s had a fantastic career playing with a bunch of jazz legends including Carmen McRae and Chet Baker. 

The two are making the trek to SD, landing at the Handlery Hotel on Friday for a night of camaraderie and music! Please join us for a potentially stellar moment!

Steve Kujala

This is back in mid nineties with Kujala on the left and me on the right. Wearing ties ‘cuz it was a fancy gig I’m guessing.

This is one of my favorite records that I’ve ever done and Kujala was instrumental in helping it lift off!

This CD was a collection of songs by both Steve and I. We’ll be playing a bunch of these tunes at the upcoming gig.

That’s the story for this week and come and join in if you can.

all the best, Peter

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  1. Dru Chandler says:

    When do you play with John Leftwich?