The Lovely World of Music Business!

Hi Friends!

Sonny Rollins is playing “Without a Song” on the box with Jim Hall guitaring it underneath. A true swinging way to start this chilly day off!

It’s been a gig and surf marathon and after the long run I got home yesterday and fell asleep at 7:30 pm. By 4 this morning I’d had enough sleep and decided to head up to the office and catch up on the lovely world of music business. Oh joy, the endless details! Good to get it out of the way and make room for the creative. 

The in and out box at SpragueLand! Can you hear the melody buried inside the property tax invoice?

Yesterday we played a concert at the Lyceum Theatre and sorry I didn’t include that listing in last week’s gig email. It turned out to be a hoot and it included Bridget Dolkas on violin, Lars Hoefs on cello and me on guitar. The good news is that if you wanted to hear what kind of sonic mischief we three stringsters could get into, another opportunity comes up this week on Wednesday at noon at the Encinitas Library. Our trio will play a free concert and you’re all invited. We’ve added 3 new compositions into the mix and the blend of these instruments, at least to my ear, is a joy to take in. Look below for the details and we hope you can break free.

The string gig from last year! Me on the left with Bridget, 3 Brazilian musos (sorry I don’t remember your names), and Lars on the far right. For this year it’ll be just Lars, Bridget, and I.

Leonard, Tripp, and I are playing a few out of towner’s coming up starting with this Wednesday night at the Blue Guitar Room in South Pasadena. We’ve never played this spot but it has a good reputation and we look forward to passing along the good news of sound to our LA friends. 

And then a couple weeks up, our trio flies north to play a shows in both Portland and Tacoma. If you have friends up that way, please pass along the deets and we’d love to meet them and take them for a sonic spin. I’ll get to see my daughter Kylie on this trip too and that’s a happy moment.

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

There it is for now good people. Thanks for reading and keep the sky in your head, best, Peter