The Launch Idea!


Zeroing Into You Good People!

I’ve been out of the communicado loop for a spell and there’s a reason. The natural livestream flow was interrupted by an ultra congested Cox internet and I’ve just needed to sit it out until the dust settles. There’s a ton of good things to do when you can’t broadcast live and here’s a few:

  • Surf more than usual. The ocean’s warming up!
  • Extend the doggie walks with Ruby (our dog) and Stefanie (lovely wife).
  • Make more exotic smoothies.
  • Put the finishing touches on two recording projects and LAUNCH.
  • Write new songs. Got a few of them almost ready to record.
  • Ongoing internet upload tests to monitor the state of affairs.
  • HTML code discovery on how to center a caption — priceless knowledge!
  • Revel in the fact that “it’s getting better all the time!”

So if it’s OK, lets hang out with the launch idea.

Last year, at the beginning of the covid ride when gigs disappeared, me and the boys met up at my studio, each quarantining in our separate rooms, and proceeded to record songs. New songs, older songs that had never lived a life on tape (actually on computer), fast songs, simple songs —all in the spirit of lets keep playing music because it’s a fun endeavor and it’s great to be together. 

So those songs sat on the hard drive wishing for their chance in the sun all the while we took on the task of learning how to livestream. And as I’ve shared in earlier posts, the learning curve of the tech involved in live streaming is steep and unforgiving. If it’s got an HDMI cable connected to it, chances are it’ll eventually fail. Hah!

Now’s a great time to turn those captive tunes loose. Ladies and gents,I present to you two new albums for your listening pleasure.

The Secret Chord finds me playing solo guitar on some of my favorite songs. I explore Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and in his lyric he talks about David playing a secret chord to please the lord. I’m not sure we’re talking about the same chord but I’ve found a few that I think are pretty secret. I won’t tell anyone!

The guitar is an orchestra and when you start to improvise the whole solar system of sound is right at your fingertips. I like taking songs that we all know and then filtering them through my musical viewpoint, hopefully arriving at a new place that still has strong ties to the original. 

Other songs included on the album are:
Got to Get You Into My Life — The Beatles
Days of Wine and Roses — Johnny Mandell
Here, There, Everywhere — The Beatles 
Blues on the Corner — McCoy Tyner
Oh Susannah — traditional
Budo — Bud Powell
Desafinado — Antonio Carlos Jobim

You can buy downloads of the album here:
Peter’s Store

You can listen to the album here:
Apple Music

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling and playing music in Denmark over the last few years. I’ve been connected with Sinne Eeg, a remarkable vocalist who lives in Copenhagen. She’s put together wonderful tours that took us all over Denmark and even down south to the Canary Islands. It was on a day off that I came up with a new tune that set out to capture the moody atmospheric morning of the Copenhagen experience.

Copenhagen Mist is a collection of new compositions, all instrumentals, played by Tripp on sax and flute, Mack on bass, Duncan on drums, and me on guitar. Percussionist Tommy Aros joins in on a few tunes.

The included songs are:

You guessed it, I wrote this tune on a family vacation hanging out with the gigantic trees up at the Sequioa National Forest.

Boppy Cartoon
This ascending melody came to me in my car. Traffic jams are cool for something!

Copenhagen Mist
I wrote this song on a moody day in Copenhagen. Pastel colors, muted sun, good city.

Tripp and I hated onions in food when we were kids. We both can put up with them now.  

Sentimentally Me
I wrote the music to this tune and my friend “Nado” Pete wrote the lyrics. For this version we play it as an instrumental. Kind of “Great American Songbook” – ish.

Kornel Blues
This is a minor blues composition that was inspired by composer and trumpeter Kornel Fekete-Kovacs. He’s Hungarian and he’s a fantastic muso!

Cidade Praiana
This samba reminds me of a peppy little beach town in Brazil. 

You can buy downloads of the album here:
Peter’s Store

You can listen to the album here:
Apple Music

And I leave you with a streaming report from SpragueLand. 

Two days ago Steve and I ran some tests and learned that the Cox situation is getting better. Apparently they’re fixing 2 broken somethings on our NODE and that plus a June 24 infrastructure upgrade will make things improve. Also, I’m thinking that over the summer the kids won’t be Zooming and maybe (even though I love the idea of working from home), some of the grownups will find their way to the office and free up the Leucadia bandwidth a little so that the live streaming revolution can flourish once again.

Fingers crossed. 

I’ll be back next week with a progress report and more good news.

Alright friends, thanks for the read and see you soon, best, Peter