The Hills Are Alive

Friends, here’s a quick shout out from SpragueLand, where the hills look Salzburg in the Sound of Music. Green to the horizon and yellow flowers spicing it up — that’s what rain will do for you. It’s a great time to be making music in the key of H20…

Right now looking out the window at SpragueLand. Green as far as the eye can see!

For this week, the only gig around here is Wednesday night at the Roxy in Encinitas. Leonard Patton is with me and we play the first set together followed by the 2nd set with a few friends sitting in. Can’t wait and please join us if you can.

Peter and Leonard singing for their supper!

This morning we rehearsed the String Consort music and on Thursday night we’ll be up in Idyllwild playing a concert at the new Lowman Concert Hall. Can’t wait to check this place out and I know the band is all set to make some sound. It’s a long way from here but if you can make it out we’d love to see you. Maybe a few snow patches too.

The Peter Sprague String Consort playing in Idyllwild a few summers back.

Let your SF friends know that I’ll be up in there with the Billy Childs group playing a Saturday night concert at the amazing Herbst Theatre. Billy has taken Laura Nyro’s music and added his own thing to it. The band is stellar including Becca Stevens and Alicia Olatuja on vocals. Jump on board!

Here’s the Billy Childs band with (left to right) Ben Shepard, Peter, Becca Stevens, Alicia Olatuja, Billy Childs, and Donald Barrett.

That’s it and all the best, Peter