The Free Air of June!

Hey Ho!

Currently embracing the out of doors this week with 2 cool concerts coming up. There are a bunch of wins to taking the music outside:

  • The acoustics in the open air are a plus —no parallel walls in play to muddy up the sound. 
  • The air is your friend and there’s volumes of free air to inhale. All around, everywhere you look.
  • Speaking of free, both of these concerts come with a zero price tag, that’s happy. 
  • Big doses of direct sun could be a problem but hey, June on the coast equals no sun whatsoever.
  • Outside concerts mostly take place in the day and how cool to include dancing little kids and doggies into the mix. Also, take in the music during the day, later in the eve catch up on Game of Thrones episodes. Full day, full life.

So with these convincing propaganda angles at play, consider joining us for these outdoor events this week.

First up, on Friday afternoon I’m playing solo guitar at Flower Hill Promenade. It’s a gig that I strum usually two times a month and it’s always a good free flowing time of samba, jazz, and The Beatles.

PS on the guitar with the cool look and doctoring up of the photo by Justin Grinnell

On Saturday at 3pm me and the boys are playing a set at the Leucadia Summer Fun on the 101 music festival. It’ll be Leonard singing, Duncan drumming, Mack bass-ing, Danny Green on the keys, and me guitar-ing. We’ve got Cream’s “Swlabr” in play along with Hoagy Charmichael, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, and a PS original. This event is north county bohemia cool in full regalia and I think you’ll dig it. Hope to see you there.

This was the scene at the Summer Fun on the 101 a few years back with me, Duncan, Leonard, Tripp, and Gunnar ripping it up in Leucadia. photo by Dan Audick

Sunday at 5pm will find us setup and launching into two sets of music at the little park at the corner of La Flecha and Avenida de Acacias in downtown Rancho Santa Fe. It’s sponsored by the Village Community Presbyterian Church and we’ve had the good fortune of playing this yearly gig for many years. It’s a ton of fun complete with good folks, beautiful surroundings, and of course a delicious palette of jazz music. The band is Lizzi Trumbore on vocals and trombone, Tripp on sax, Mack on bass, Duncan on drums, Danny on keys, and me on the guitar. Lizzi is in town just for a week or so and we’re thrilled to include her into our loop. Come on out if you can…

Here’s a pic from the RSF event a few years back. The band is jamming in the hour of magic light.
photo by Steve Grant

That’s the word folks and hope to see you out there in the free air of June.