The Fillster!

Hey Good Folks, I’m not totally sure that fillster is even a proper word. Spell check isn’t enjoying the process.

But what do you call it when a muso is so accomplished at playing fills behind a vocalist that those fills are one of the main things that you remember about the performance?

It comes to mind because the current soundtrack over here at SpragueLand is Stan Getz’s Getz Au Go Go. Check out his playing behind Astrid Gilberto on “It Might As Well Be Spring”. That’s some beautiful playing!

Stef and I had a great time last week visiting our daughter Kylie up in Portland. What a good kid, doing super well after her college stint. She has a full time job working at a psych clinic for kids. She’s got mega hip friends and housemates and as a tribe they rule the organic positiveness that is Portland. And, she even digs her parents too!

Ky and the left and Stef on the right. We had a wonderful afternoon taking a garden walk in the super sunny Portland spring. We lucked out on the weather!

We even made it down to the Willamette River and went swimming. COLD! And then I defrosted on the sand and got lost in building this stick sculpture.

Live music this week for us includes a Friday night hit at Grossmont College with maestro Fred Benedetti on guitar, Tripp on sax and flute, and I’ll be guitar-ing it. We are Blurring the Edges and we specialize in sonic flavors from jazz, blues, Beatles, flamenco, and folk. Join us if you can and look below for the details.

Fred and I at a recent show.
photo by Rick Sokol

It’ll be a lazy Flower Hill Promenade Saturday with live solo guitar music from me starting at 1pm right in front of the Starbucks. Whole Foods is right there too so possibly liven up your organic self and join in the music!

The good news of solo guitar!

Bending around towards the top of next week it’ll be a free Monday noontime concert at the Lyceum Theatre next to Horton Plaza with Tripp on sax, Mack on bass, and me on the guitar. We’ve got 4 new compositions that we’re working on so come on down and see if we’re holding up our end of the bargain. Details below.

The trio with PS, Tripp, and Mack.

There you go folks and time for me to move on and listen to more of Stan the man….adios, Peter