The Energetic World of Travel!


Oh I’ve been missing my airport time lately. The seamless drop-off at the curb, those super short check-in lines, the cheerful clerks ever so eager to let me board with the guitar knowing that it’s a cherished instrument, fragile beyond belief. And best of all, the whole TSA experience is right up there with a trip to Disneyland! Taking off shoes, doing a little show ’n tell with the contents in my backpack, and of course the kinky pat down. And once on the plane, can you believe how calm everyone is as they find ample space for the carry-on? And even though you’re kind of tall, there’s plenty of room for your legs as you sit for the 5 hour flight.

Happiness in the air!

We’re bringing the music to the place the we all love to hate! Terminal jazz for those who are arriving and for those that just can’t get enough of the magic of the airport. It’ll be me, Matt Smith on drums, and Justin Grinnell on the bass, playing together on Thursday. Considering leaving the solitude of home for the energetic world of travel and we’ll supply the soundtrack for free. Details are below…

Next up for this week we’re heading to Old Town for a show at Java Joe’s on Sunday night. Vocalist Nina Francis leads the way and it’ll be great night of jazz singers in the round. Leonard is in the loop along with Gregory Page. Super cool varied songs, each vocalist doing their thing, me getting to add into the beauty. Hope to see you there.

The last up for this week is a special concert on Monday night at the North County Rep in Solana Beach. They contacted me about presenting some music on a night when the theatre production is taking a rest. Hence, Monday night jazz with Tripp on sax and flute, Leonard singing and playing cajon, and me on the double neck guitar. The space is nice for music and the sound will be paramount. Check us out if it all works…

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

That’s the story for this week. Anyone seen my passport and boarding pass?

adios, Peter