The Coltrane-ization of Leucadia!

Hi Folks, lately it’s all about Coltrane, that is John Coltrane, over here at SpragueLand. He remains one of my main sources of inspiration and from the early days of my jazz listening, that solo he took on “So What” still resonates deeply. 

JC for president!

I’ve been culling over my favorite ‘Trane songs and solos and from that, filtering in some new arrangements that we’ll perform later in the month — both on a YouTube livestream plus a live gig in San Diego. More on this later and look below for details to plan ahead.

Today we release a new video on YouTube from the Carole King concert. Here we go with “It’s Too Late” which is a classic song, this time dressed up as a bossa nova. The guitar intro was something I picked up from a Santana groove way back when —cool bass line with rhythmic punctuations on the off beats. That’s Pam on vocals and the whole band sounding great. (Click below for the YouTube experience).

This song is available on all of the streaming platforms:

Here’s how to get it at my website store.

Here’s the Spotify link to the album.

Here’s the AppleMusic link to the album.

It’s also available on many other streaming platforms.

And if you want to play this arrangement go here for the sheet music.

Do you remember the jazz vocalist Fran Hartshorn? She used to live in San Diego and played around at the local jazz clubs. About a year ago she got in touch with me from her house in LA and together we organized a recording project that just recently got released. Ironically the name of the CD is “Released.” How’s that for magic!

She’s a wonderful vocalist and brings real spirit to the music. Highlights for me are her take on Joni’s “Woodstock” along with a fresh angle on Janis’ “Me and Bobby McGee.” Other songs on the recording are “Feeling Good,” “Wayfaring Stranger,’ and Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released.”

The band is swinging with Danny Green on piano, Mack Leighton on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and guitar slinging it is me.

Follow this link to learn more and hopefully have a listen to Fran.

see ‘ya folks and that’s the story for now, Peter