The Bliss of Ten Thousand Blankets!

Hi Friends!

Big ocean this morning and I’m still thawing out as I write you. Super exciting and if that doesn’t wake you out of the bliss world of ten thousand blankets keeping you cozy and warm, hallelujah!

Some quick little H2O dervishes!

Some cool Germany guitar festival pics just surfaced along with a vid of the whole crew playing “Manha de Carnival.”

That’s Aliéksey Vianna on the left and me on the right. From the Germany gig. Aliéksey is from Brazil originally but now lives in Switzerland. What a player!

The last jam lineup with Aliéksey, PS, Adam, and Antonio.

Here’s the last jam video with all of the players.

Our concert last weekend with Camarada at the full on retro cool Automotive Car Museum was stellar! Great turnout, the sound was on and the music was a joy to play. 

Camarada with Beth, Gunnar, Bridget, Duncan, Savannah, and me. This is when we played “A Life That’s Good” and we meant every word of it! photo by Chuck Philyaw

In place for this week, on Friday I first start out with solo guitar music at Flower Hill Promenade at 12:30pm. Get my hands and skills all warmed up for an evening hit at Solterra Winery that night at 6pm. It’s a super fun gig with Tripp in the loop with me and we play in the room with all of the big wine barrels. Believe it or not, they make the sound (with all that wood) all that much better. This place has stellar food and it’s a known fact that as you enter the town of Leucadia, there’s less rules and restrictions and this promotes relaxation. Glide with us into the bliss of bohemia!

Coat and ties with Tripp and Peter.
photo by Beth Ross-Buckley

On Sunday we’re stoked to play a show at Dizzy’s in San Diego and the concert begins at 7pm. It’s led by Allison Adams Tucker on vocals with Leonard Patton, Tripp, Sean Hicke on bass, and me on the guitar. We’re presenting our jazz view on holiday music and also to be included is my slightly off kilter take on the commercialization of Christmas. It’s called “Ex Mass Marketing Blues” and I think it’ll make you laugh.

There it is folks and thanks for following along. Hope to see you soon out in the chilly evenings of December.

best, Peter