The Anti-H20 Agent Speaks about the Sizzle!

Greetings Good Folks!

It’s been a minute and that’s because I’ve been on a world tour of medicine. First up, my little finger was bending inwards, somewhat hindering my guitar picking skills plus adding in rogue computer keystrokes when I was typing. Having the procedure to correct this condition (it’s called Dupuytren’s Contracture) required me to be out of the ocean for around a month. I figured as long as I have to be an anti – H20 agent I might as well fix my clogged up left ear which also would require three weeks on dry land. The doctor sliced a small hole in the eardrum and then vacuumed out the fluid. I’m so thrilled with being able to enjoy HIGH END equalization on my left side now—bring in the sizzle!


The purple hand of Peter.

So surfing, no. But yes on tons of recording studio fixing and mixing. I’m almost done with our Charlie Brown Christmas music album (to be released next Christmas) and scheduled for a much sooner release is “Earth Moves – Peter Sprague Plays Carole King.” This one features Pamela Pendrell on vocals, Beth Ross Buckley on flute, Tripp on sax, Danny on piano, Justin on bass, Duncan on drums and me guitar-ing it.

It’s been a good time creating in the studio and it’ll be fun to see you all LIVE next month for a few concerts and a livestream.

I’d like to spread some good news about one of the vocalists that I work with. I’m talking about Allison Adams Tucker who has a divine sound and tone, superior intonation, great groove, killer vibes, multi-language skills sure to make the Brazilians and Japanese folks in the audience feel at home, and is an all around solid citizen of the highest degree. She’s the one singing on the new Christmas album and coming up in March we’ll be jazzifying Beatles music together at the Coronado Library. 

Allison is just now releasing a big recording project of her own called 1977 Retro Trilogy. 

Here’s her description of the music:
Old school meets the digital age with dreamy mod-jazz re-imaginings of the 1970s, 80s, 90s. “RETRO Trilogy” is 3 EPs rolled into 1 album with music by Paul Simon, Queen, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, The Cure, Sting, Prince, and more.  Allison’s fourth upcoming album was recorded in New York under producer Matt Pierson, and pays homage to her folk-pop-punk past within Gen X-Y-Z culture and the human experience ending a Millennium.

You can hear it here.

Check out this vid she made of the beautiful Cat Stevens song “The Wind.”

Allison and I wrote a new song for the album called “Wonderland” and you can listen to it here. 

Super cool Allison and congratulations!

Alright, off to the dentist to drive our daughter Kylie for a root canal. As I said before, it’s a world tour of modern medicine…

adios, Peter