The Air Has Music in it Now!


Hey Friends!

I having a great time with the blendo of music, surfing, summer, filing my right hand finger nails, walking “Watusi” Ruby with Stef, receiving a well thought out Father’s Day card from our sweet Kylie in Portland, woodshedding the songs for the upcoming concerts, and taking on monster proportions of tasty Mediterranean food from CAVA.

Lots of goodness going on and I’m hoping for you too!

Up this week, we’re playing a live hit at Ki’s in Cardiff on Friday. We blast at 6pm and play two sets and it’s realtime actual live. What’ll feel like?

On the roster is the multi-instrumentalist Tripp playing sax, flute, harmonica, and percussion. The bass fiddle will be driven by Gunnar Biggs and I’ll be fiddling with the twin neck guitar. It’s been a while since we’ve been out on the town.

Join in if you can…

photo by Kevin Kinnear

Looking ahead to next week we’ve got another live show at the Encinitas Library on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday we’re traveling world wide with a Live(ish) From SpragueLand livestream concert. The air is filling up with music!

Hope to see you soon, best, Peter

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  1. Tom McCarter says:

    I was the jazz director at KZSU at Stanford. Now my wife and I have moved to Vista and looking forward to seeing you perform.