Swinging in French!

Bonjour good friends!

Today we had a bunch of cool musos over and they recorded a tune that me and Coronado Pete (’Nado Pete) put together.  Originally it was in English and for today’s version it was translated into French. We had Allison Adams Tucker singing, Joe Amato playing guitar, Chris Vitas on violin, and Justin Grinnell on bass. They gypsy jazzed “Sentimentally Me” and what magic traveling to Paris for the afternoon! I’m not sure what ‘Nado Pete is going to do with the song but it sounds good and if he posts it online, I’ll be sure to share it with you. Aural international transporting lever switched on!

I had a lot of fun zipping to the East Coast and connecting with Dianne Reeves and the band for a hit on the campus of the University of Connecticut. As always Dianne was singing up a storm! I had one afternoon off and I went to this wrap place and ordered the most amazing Greek salad for completely low bucks. Wow food is expensive over here in California!

Live in Connecticut, eat green food and live forever!

Coming up this week on Friday we have a concert with violinist Bridget Dolkas and cellist Lars Hoefs. We’re completing the last details for our new record and Lars is getting ready to go back to Brazil for the year so we decided to do one last show at Bridget’s house out in the country in Carlsbad. You are all invited and house concerts tend to be really fun musically and a cool social hang too. Look below for details and we’d love to have you with us.

Strings everywhere you look with PS, Bridget, and Lars
photo by Beth Ross Buckley

The city of Encinitas is having a celebration at the library on Saturday afternoon and they are having all sorts of events and live music. They’ve included us playing a set at 3:30 pm. It’ll be Mack on bass, Tripp on saxophone, and me on guitar. We always love the concerts there with grade A listeners and exceptional acoustics. The event is free and it’ll be some good times.

On Saturday night I’m heading over to Dizzy’s to play with the Bob Magnuson group. Bob is a true bass hero, not only here in San Diego but also throughout the world. He isn’t playing as much these days, just taking it easy, but he’s coming out of the woodwork on Saturday and has in store a nice collection of songs and acoustic moods. It’ll be Tripp on sax, me on guitar, Jim Plank on vibes, Duncan Moore on drums, and Bob working in the basement. Big fun at Dizzy’s and join in if you can.

Bob Magnusson on bass.
photo by Michael Oletta

That’s the weekly spin folks and thanks for tuning in.

au revoir, Leucadia Pierre