Summer Zen


Loving the heat of the summer. I know some folks who can’t wait for it all to be over but not me. Warm fingers, quick guitar moves, warm sun, warm ocean. This is summer Zen!

We’ve been rehearsing long days prepping my new composition for sonic delivery. Lars, Bridget, and Duncan are in the loop and together we navigated the new notes and shaped them to tell the story of Rendezvous in Realtime. Ram Dass was living his truth of “Be Here, Now” in the late ’60’s and the idea is still a great way to live life. My Rendezvous in Realtime is inspired by  that and hopes to take the listener on a journey from the state of mind that Everything Is Music, past the barrier in which we are Coded By Culture, and into the bliss state where possibly we have the freedom to dance like Tom O’Shea.

That last sentence is a mouthful and pretty cosmic and it was an attempt to include the names of each of the three movements. The first two names make sense but the title of the last movement, “Dancing Tom O’Shea” requires a little backstory. 

Every year at our annual Del Mar Christmas Eve concert you might have noticed this fellow dancing to our music. Even if we’re playing bebop this dude dances and has a beautiful sense of freedom to his moves. That’s Tom O’Shea! Where he really amps it up is dancing to Celtic music and one year we had an Irish reel up our sleeves and it turned into an epic moment with Tom O’Shea gliding through the crowd.

I named the third movement after him. As far as I can tell he’s perfected the art of rendezvousing in realtime.

Also, I don’t know how to get a hold of him (I think he’s on my email list) so Tom, if you’re out there, we have a free ticket waiting for you for the Encinitas show and be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Tonight we play Rendezvous in Realtime at the Blue Whale in LA and on Sunday we share the sound with our San Diego peeps at the Encinitas Library. Look below for details…

Also planned for this week is a Friday concert at the La Jolla Community Center with Lisa Hightower on vocals and brother Tripp playing sax/flute and percussion. We’ve got some warped Cole Porter in the ready along with Jobim, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, and a few of my originals. Lisa is a gem and the Trippster plays it all!

Hope to see you!

That’s Tripp, Lisa, and Peter

Peeking around the bend of next week, on Monday evening we play our annual NC Rep Theater concert with Leonard Patton on vocals and percussion, Tripp saxing it and me on guitar. This is a cool venue for music and these shows have been a real hoot. Check it out with details below…

Peter, Leonard, and Tripp.

That’s the story for now folks and thanks for tuning in, all best, Peter