They are standing in line at SpragueLand waiting to record their hit songs. Hah!

How do I fit it all in — getting the word out about the gigging life and at the same time, adjust the mic level?


Solo guitar, trancing at the mall, the sun is out, Whole Foods is offering it up. I’ll be at Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar on Friday afternoon for just this very thing.

Saturday folk jazz show with me, Nina Francis on vocals, and brother Tripp on sax and flute. Come and live the dream at Ki’s in Cardiff — music, food, and a front row seat to experience the sun setting into the pacific!

Peter and Nina rehearsing at SpragueLand

Sunday’s a double hitter with Leonard and me. At noon we’re playing the SD Festival of Arts in San Diego and then we head up to my area to play the beautiful Solterra Winery at 5:30pm. It’s in Leucadia and if you show up it’ll be music, ridiculous good food and wine, plus hang out with the bohemian savants of North County. Good times!

Leonard and Peter living the good life!
Photo by Steve Wood

There it is friends and we hope to see you soon, best, Peter