Stir it up with Roni Ben-Hur!

Greetings Friends!

The air is filled with Benny Green and Veronica Swift slipping around a tune called “Naturally” and it’s doing wonderful things framing this already spectacular sunny Cali morning. They are coming to town to play at the end of the week and bummer, I’ll be out of town. Check out her scat solo on “Split Kick”. If you go to the show, let me know.

Veronica Swift and Benny Green

I’ve been gigging and studio recording with more to come this week. If you’re up for a potentially streamlined drive, I’m playing a duo concert with NYC guitarist Roni Ben-Hur on Thursday night. I’ve heard of Roni for years and finally had a chance to catch him live a few years back. What a sound, great swing, great vibe, all of the right stuff! He’s currently on a west coast run and I’m thrilled to get to play with him. The concert is at a house in Mission Viejo and they are including food and beverages with the whole setup. Sounds fun in every which way! Look below for the details.

Last up for the week is a Friday afternoon Flower Hill Promenade solo gig for me and el guitar. Always fun and maybe ditch work, ditch school, oh yeah, ditch the computer and join me for some six string sound.

My guitar taking in the good day of flowers and sun.

take good care, Peter