SpragueLand Studio – Encinitas, CA – 11/10/20

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Peter Sprague and Camarada
Tuesday, November 10, 2020
6:30pm - https://youtu.be/WPJNXUPY2uE - All Ages Buy Tickets
Encinitas, CA, U.S.A 92024
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Camarada is a chamber music organization run by flutist Beth Ross Buckley and over the last several years I’ve had the good fortune collaborating with these high level classical musicians. Camarada presents a wide range of music and one of the styles they highlight is jazz. That’s when I’m in the loop with them and it’s always a wonderful ride!

On this concert we’re featuring “The Sanctuary Suite,” a three movement piece that I composed that was commissioned by Jennifer and Kurt Eve & Glen and Cornelia Feye through the Camarada organization.

The theme of the piece is through sound, instilling the idea of a safe haven, a sanctuary. The inspiration came to me after a concert Beth and I played for some teenage African refugees at a center in San Diego. This place was their sanctuary and they were rebuilding their lives after leaving dangerous situations in their homeland. They were an enthusiastic audience and afterwards we visited and I was inspired by their stories. Even though they were somewhat typical teenagers, I also sensed a deep appreciation they had for the fragility of life — something they gained after all the hardship that they had been through.

In addition to the suite we’ve got an Afro beat ditty, a Spanish samba, and a loopy calypso song on the playlist.

The band includes some of the best with Beth Ross Buckley on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and Peter Sprague on guitar.

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