Songs Styled Anew!

Greetings Good People, it’s swing time over here with Oscar Peterson leading the way! We’re talking chops for days and clever arrangements with jazz blues playing chorus after chorus off into the sunset. Good stuff!


I came across this clever little vid of an alternate surf world with little people. Fun!


Click for a ride to alternate surf universe!

The plan for this week is for only one gig and I’m liking that way that feels. It’s been thick with details lately and how nice to let a little air into the mix.

Fred Benedetti and I are presenting our Beatles music at Dizzy’s this Saturday night at 8pm. A month or so back we played a similar show up in Carlsbad and it was a success on many levels. Great music first and foremost, a wonderful and enthusiastic turnout, and also a bunch of emails from folks that couldn’t pull it together for that far north hit and wondering when it might happen again. We’re thrilled to bring back the circus and this time to Dizzy’s.

We’re both big fans of the Beatles. I’ve got these arrangements that bring forth a jazz element in their music. From the raunch to the gentle ballads, it’s going to be a special night of double neck guitars, effects boxes, and some familiar tunes all dressed up with new harmony. Dig it!

Peeking around the horn into next week, Leonard and I will be making music at the Cardiff Library on July 6 at 7pm. It’s a free concert and we’ve played it every summer for the last couple of years. What a great sound the library has and every seat in the house is close and intimate. I’m thinking we’ll bring out a few new tunes including James’ “Shed a Little Light”…. See you there!

Leonard and Peter jammin' under the purple moon.

Leonard and Peter jammin’ under the purple moon.

There it is folks and over ’n out, Peter