Soliloquy Soulster!

Friends, this morning Coltrane is keeping me company as I share my thoughts with you. His album “Afro Blue Impressions” is streaming through the computer and it’s sounding amazing!

Last night I watched a NetFlix documentary called “Chasing Trane” all about the life of saxophonist John Coltrane. All through the years I’ve done extensive listening and reading about Coltrane and in this film I came across some new images that I’d never seen before. And yeah, it’s neat to be once again reminded just how much I resonate with everything that Coltrane was about. Modal monster, soliloquy soulster, ten thousand GOOD notes — play on John!

Gigging this week starting with a Thursday midday hang at Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar. Solo guitar, 12:30pm in the afternoon, under the shade of their little portable stage complete with a zen connection to the great algorithm of the sky! See you there…

On Saturday we have 2 gigs taking place. First up, in the afternoon in Ocean Beach, it’ll be Beth on flute and me on guitar taking over the library for our duo music. The setlist is a collection of my originals and you’ll LOVE Beth’s sound on flute. Beautiful! Free, 2pm, and hope you can make it!

Beth and Peter at a recent concert.

Saturday night we’ll be a part of a neat event at the La Jolla Community Center. Our friend Subhashis Mohanty is presenting our trio (me, Leonard, and Tripp) for a night of music preluded by a 6pm reception with hors d’ oeuvres. This is a great spot for music with good sound and good vibes. Look below for the details and we’re really looking forward to this gig!

Shapeshifting at the Fallbrook Library with Tripp, Leonard and Peter.
photo by Steve Grant

Finishing up the week it’ll be a Sunday night at the Solterra Winery & Kitchen in Leucadia with me and Leonard strumming the music in their room with big barrels of wine and fancy tables. Great sound, killer food, the outer expansive life in North County — it’s all in place for a magic night! Come one and come all and we’re shapeshifting the songs as we speak…

Leonard and Peter
photo by Thomas Westerlin

That’s the word for the day and again, a quiet acknowledgement to John Coltrane!

adios, Peter