So Far Away

Greetings Good Folks, I’m coming to you from SpragueLand where I made it through the studio upgrade barely in one piece. I mean, I had the computer boxed up and ready to return at one point — that’s the level of frustration I was entrenched with. But with the help of some zen tech wizards we jumped a few hurdles and now it’s all coming together. It’s sounding good and I’m loving the bells and whistles!

Today’s a special day because we’re releasing our new recording So Far Away — Peter Sprague Plays Carole King

Here’s the cover:

I remember exactly where I was (Hawaii on the south shore) when I first heard Carole’s music. The blend of her folk style with some jazz harmony in the mix really touched me. It’s been a good time returning to her songs for this project.

Here’s who played on it:

Peter Sprague — guitar
Pamela Pendrell – vocals
Tripp Sprague — sax, flute, and harmonica
Beth Ross Buckley — flute
Danny Green — piano
Justin Grinnell — bass
Duncan Moore — drums

We first started this journey with a concert and then a livestream and then later realized with a little more effort it could be a recording. Add some fixes and mixes, spice it up with 3,000 listens, procure the cover photo from Fred Benedetti (he took that pic one beautiful lit morning on our Mexican surf trip), and finally push through the publishing paperwork to make sure Carole gets paid for her composing skills. That’s it and it’s here!

Here’s how to get it at my website store.

Here’s the Spotify link to the album.

Here’s the AppleMusic link to the album.

It’s also available on many other streaming platforms.

And lining up with the recording release we’ve got the first of many single song videos over at YouTube. Check ‘er out:

Thanks in advance for listening to our take on Carole’s classics and as she once said, with years of alliteration skills, “mellow as the month of May.”

all best, Peter