Snow, Sun, Jazz, Brazil!


Winter is here, it’s almost snowing, HAH! Actually it’s a little bit of rain but for SoCal it’s a major weather event.

On the box to warm things up is Edu Lobo. I love this cat’s music swirled into a mix of rich harmonies and wicked rhythms. 

Snow / sun / jazz / Brazil

A good headspace to launch from.

Highlights from last week — we had a wonderful Solterra gig with a nice turnout and full on listeners in the house. Mini concert in Leucadia!

Ever had a sigmoidoscopy? Wow, I did last week and that was hardly a highlight but instead a necessary evil. Good outcome though…

For this week and live music I start out with a Friday afternoon solo guitar gig at the Flower Hill Promenade. I love solo guitar and this setting is stellar. But it might not happen, keep an eye on the weather and if it’s snowing, (I mean raining) the music won’t happen. Fingers crossed…

On Friday night I’m thrilled to have Leonard and Tripp with me for a gig at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. We always have a creative and fun hit there sparked on by the wonderful folks that run the place and the warm folks in attendance. See you there I hope!

Tripp, Leonard, and Peter

Last up for the week is our Winter Jazzerland concert on Sunday night with Camarada. The band is Beth Ross Buckley on flute, Bridget Dolkas on violin, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, Nina Francis and Savannah Philyaw on vocals. I’ve had a lot of fun arranging the music for this group and we’re playing some holiday tunes and a few new ones of mine, all of them carefully manicured to have just the right amount of jazz mixed in. The concert is at the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park and that alone is kind of intriguing. Look below for the details and this should be a lot of fun!

There you have it folks and now I’m headed out to pull the snow shoes out of the garage and brave the flurries as I walk to 7 – 11.

all best, Peter