Slimmer Than Normal

Hi Everyone! Good life and a fantastic summer. I’ve been on a surf chasing mode and I’ll make this one slimmer than normal so I can slip back into the wild blue’s magic 70 degree warm curls.

Coming up this Friday at Northern Spirits I’m lassoing Leonard and Harley for a night of jazz at San Marcos’ newest jazz venue. I’ve played there once before and it was excellent fun—nice sound and a real listening audience. Let’s do it again this Friday and we hope you can make it out.

Jammin' the last time we we're at Northern Spirits with Harley, Leonard and Peter.

Jammin’ the last time we we’re at Northern Spirits with Harley, Leonard and Peter.

I’m driving out to El Cajon on Saturday to present some solo guitar music at the library there. I love library gigs! It’s the new frontier for live music! The audience loves the quiet setting and it’s free for them. I love it ‘cuz any day playing the guitar is all right by me and even better, playing for some folks that are eager to listen takes it up a notch. Hope to see you there and look below for the fine print.

That’s the word for this week and all good thoughts your way until the next time we meet.

adios, Peter