Shiver Surf, Jacob, and Rebecca’s Wild Hair 

Solid Citizens!

I’m just back from a shiver surf session and defrosting as we speak. I think rain and a storm are coming so I’m glad I squeezed in some little barrels before it gets wild out there.

PS heading south…

More and more I’m super taken by this young fellow that you must know. Jacob Collier! Super hero muso on so many levels—vocals, piano playing, drumming, bass-ology, guitar-ananda, and most amazing, composing and arranging. Plus TALKING—check out some of his interviews and masterclasses and behold a brilliant young lad.

He makes me want to write a new song and put some chords in there that usually don’t belong!

Jacob and his two Grammy’s.

Out there live for this week, we’ve got two great gigs featuring the amazing vocal beauty of Rebecca Jade. Tripp and I did a private hit on Sunday with Rebecca and it was cool checking out her wild new hair. Cornrows! She said it took a full day to get it worked out and not suprising, it elevates her already stellar vocals to a new level — Galaxy 65 ref. 3 Cornrow Provence here we come!

Rebecca Jade in Europe last week.

On Friday evening it’s Tripp, Rebecca, and I sharing the sound at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. Good gig and look for the details below.

Saturday afternoon finds the whole posse assembling for some Planet Cole Porter music at the Carlsbad City Library Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium. It’s a great place for music and the event is sponsored by the Citizens for a Friendly Airport. Rebecca will be there along with Tripp on sax, Gunnar on bass, Duncan on drums, and me too on guitar. 

Solid fun, cornrow hair, Love For Sale, airport hangers, and friendly citizens. Can’t miss!

Planet Cole Porter with (left to right) Gunnar Biggs, Tripp Sprague, Rebecca Jade, Peter, and Duncan Moore.

thanks for reading along and see ya, P