She’s High as a Kite Under the Influence of the Overtone Scale!

Good People, I’m listening to Bach now and it’s working as an attempt to equalize the mile grinding effect of the SD to LA continual commute that turns out to be my life for this week. I’m back and forth many times prepping for the upcoming Friday Billy Childs/Laura Nyro hit. Yesterday was a flawless excursion until I hit our beloved Norwalk in which a four car pileup surfaced and brought us all to a complete 30 minute halt. Wasn’t it Randy Newman that sang, “I Love LA”?

The rehearsal was inspired and the music is gorgeous. Here’s Carlitos del Puerto laying down the low end.

Carlitos del Puerto on the bass.

Carlitos del Puerto on the bass. Check out Billy’s 3 Grammy’s on the bookshelf.

Here’s a cool 6 minute vid of how the project came to be with some background on Billy’s connection with Nyro:


A really nice added effect of this gig is that a new music hero of mine is on the record and is also singing with us on this concert. Have you ever heard of Becca Stevens? Brother Keezer told me about her last year and upon listening to her recording Weightlessness I’m a new devoted fan. She’s got this acoustic Americana meets jazz vibe and it’s fresh and sophisticated. For the Nyro gig she’s singing “And When I Die” and “The Confession”. Beautiful!

Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens

There are still tickets left and look below for the details if you can make it.

Here’s something that recently came my way via Dianne Reeves. Check out this gal singing two notes at once and having amazing control over it:


She’s possessed and explains the details of how it’s done. I’m not sure of the real world application of incorporating this into music but wow, it’s an intriguing angle. And I love her passion for it! It’s like she’s high as a kite under the influence of the overtone scale. Sing on sistah!

There it is folks and thanks for tuning in.

all best, Peter