Good People, I’m back from a great trip to Denver and now it’s about learning some new music from vocalist Alicia Olatuja. We’re playing a hit at the Loft (at UCSD) on Thursday night. Alicia is an amazing vocalist! We’ve both been doing a fair amount of touring this last year with the Billy Childs group. Good times waiting at airports!

For the Loft gig it’ll be Alicia singing with Josh Nelson on piano, Christian Euman on drums, Ben Williams on bass, and me on guitar. I’m stoked that she plays Djavan’s “Serrado” as part of her repertoire as this has long been a favorite of mine. Alicia sings—

Serei feliz de novo,
Meu povo, deixa eu chorar com você
Alicia Olatuja

Alicia Olatuja

Onwards to other news, last summer we had a cool moment at the Summer Fun on 101 concert series up here in Leucadia. This clip made it to YouTube and it captures our version of Hendrix’s “Castles Made of Sand” complete with some rare PS guitar fuzz tone…

And that’s the story for this week. It’s good to be in touch and see you out there soon, Peter