Searching For the True Meaning of Christmas!

G reetings Friends!

Last week we had a rehearsal and a private concert in Del Mar playing the music from our recent record “Christmas Time is Here.” It’s working on multiple fronts—folks are digging the classic Vince Guaraldi tunes with certified SpragueLand modifications; we’re having a blast tapping into our childhood connection with Charlie Brown; and for those out there that have been missing the Peanuts character who is in continual search of the true meaning of Christmas, well, his sonic spirit is captured in this music.

And the music we shall play…

Going LIVE this week in La Jolla for two nights we’re presenting Charlie Brown Jingles & JAZZ:

Tickets are going fast but there are still tickets left. We hope to see you there!

For those that live far away we are also playing a livestream version of the program. Here are the details:

Live(ish) at SpragueLand Episode 35 — Peter Sprague Plays Charlie Brown’s Jingle Jazz

And if you’re wanting to hear the music on your own personal earbuds, tune into:

Peter’s Online Store


Apple Music

thanks friends for tuning in, all the best, Peter