Saltwater On Metal — a True Rust Fest!

Hola Fellow Travelers, it’s been a good time carrying on and I’ve made a recent discovery and found a solution.

Because of parking issues combined with one of the world’s most aggravating traffic lights (you wait forever for your turn and then way to often a train comes by and resets the whole drill) I launched out years ago and established my mode of transport to and from the ocean on my bike. Parking issues solved and the devil traffic light can be short cutted. (I know that’s not a legit word but it ought to be!)

Here’s the problem — as I surf, my bike sits exposed to the salt air and on my return home I add to the rust factor by dripping salt water from my wetsuit into the bikes gears and chain. It’s a rust fest and my 2 year old bike looks like it’s 20 years old.

Get a new one or get it fixed?

I discovered the messiah of mobile bike repair and this fellow came by and invented a solution. He did a mega fix and now I’m riding with a new chain, new gears, new wires, new handle bars, new wheels that look to be rust proof — actually everything is new except the bike frame and even this he sanded off the rust and gave it some paint. 

Happiness on two wheels!

If you’re in a similar situation and you want the guru to come to you, here’s his info. He’s a gem:

Tom’s Mobile Bike Service

Rust free living with a clean machine and a Dance of the Universe tee shirt.
photo by Stefanie Sprague

We’re playing live this week starting tomorrow (Wednesday) at the Rancho Mirage Library out in the desert. It’s a ways away I know but if you know some folks out there, spread the good word of jazz. It’ll be our Planet Cole Porter program with Rebecca on vocals, Tripp on sax and flute, Gunnar low ending it on bass, Duncan on the drums, and me on the double neck.

Look below for the deets.

PCP with PS, Gunnar, Tripp, Rebecca, and Duncan.
photo by James Kaspar

Today we’re doing our final rehearsal for our Friday Athenaeum concert. Check it out:

Rendezvousing in realtime!
vid by Beth Ross Buckely

The direction of the concert is centered around my new composition Rendezvous in Realtime, this time adapted for the Camarada ensemble. It’s sounding really good and presenting it in the acoustically superior Athenaeum in La Jolla is a dream come true. 

The band is Beth Ross Buckley on flute, Fred Benedetti on guitar, Gunnar Biggs on bass, Duncan Moore on drums, and me on guitar. 

Here’s the flyer and I say, if you can make the time to come to the concert you’ll be stoked that you did.

Rounding out the week, on Saturday it’s all about driving once again back out to the desert to Pete Carlson’s Golf Shop for a concert with vocalist Sinne Eeg. We played last week at Dizzy’s and all of the elements came together — great music and a super big and enthusiastic audience. What a joy to play her music again and this time it’s Darek Oles on bass, Sinne singing, Duncan drumming and me on the guitar. And what a funny spot for music — a golf shop! But Pete’s a big fan and he moves the clubs and clothes and makes way for a stage and a great concert. Look below for the fine print.

Sinne at Dizzy’s with Justin Grinnell, Duncan Moore, and Peter.
photo by Barbara Wise

There it is folks and as Neil Young once said, “rust never sleeps”. 

best, Peter