Revolution Number Nine!


Hi Friends of the Sound!

It’s a good life, first and foremost.

Let me share a mini update on the subject of upload speeds. With doing more tests and gathering more education from the tech heads at Cox, basically the internet around my house is saturated. Everyone is Zooming, working from home, downloading and uploading and there is so much good from that going on. I’m all for it — Revolution Number Nine! (Beatles avant garde song on the White Album).

I did find out that the problem we’re having isn’t with my gear and I also found out that last Sunday afternoon, with it being a day off from work — a classic Cali beach moment, that there are some less traffic moments for the internet. I ran a test stream for two hours and it was an ALL GREEN perfection affair. We could of been streaming then!

So my plan is to do a little more R & D on windows of time where we might avoid the rush hour of bits and bites. Next, plan a show for then with the escape hatch of streaming off of Steve’s tethered mobile phone which we know can work for at least an hour.  We’ll get back on the livestream train in a couple of weeks…

In the meantime I’m having fun catching up on some mixing ideas and song completion projects that have patiently waited while the Live(ish) at SpragueLand took the front burner. This is what I’ve got…

Four extracted and polished up vids from the Pat Metheny show. These are high points and wow there’s some beauty in that music.

Next here are two beauties from the Tribute Rebels take on Hawaii show. Sinne’s singing up a storm and the vid of Duncan exploring the fire sticks is priceless!

Last week we had the good fortune of playing a live concert at the Conrad Theatre in La Jolla. Wow was it special to have a small audience taking it all in. The concert went beautifully and on 4/24 at 7pm the livestream version of the show will be shown. The vid and sound production is fantastic (thanks to Daniel and his crew) and it’s a joy to watch. The whole band will be Zooming it at the end of the show just to get a little bit of the good vibes circling around. You’re invited to both and I hope to see you there. For ticket details follow the link below.

There you have it friends and we’ll see you out in the great algorithm in the sky, best, Peter