Rendezvousing Tonight in RealTime!


Friends! Hope all goes well and for us, super joy factor to play a few gigs earlier in the week. We rendezvoused in realtime at the Encinitas Library and had a spirited hang with the fine folks of North County.

We’re playing the music again tonight, this time we’re streaming and we’re hoping to have you along for the experience.

Here are the details: 

YouTube concert link

“Rendezvous In Realtime” is commissioned by Chamber Music of America’s 2018 New Jazz Works grant in association with the Doris Duke Foundation.

Peter Sprague — guitar
Bridget Dolkas — violin
Lars Hoefs — cello
Duncan Moore — percussion and vibes
Fred Benedetti — guitar

Price of admission? Actually the concert is free but we will have a “virtual tip jar” complete with PayPal, Zelle and Venmo info for you to donate whatever you feel good about. Also, old reliable snail mailing checks works too. You folks have been super generous with this and it makes us happy.

(It’ll show up as Satyam Music, that’s my music company)
Venmo: @PeterSprague
Zelle: Peter Sprague
mail checks via snail mail to: Peter Sprague
311 East Glaucus St.
Encinitas, CA 92024

A few notes:

You don’t have to watch the show live. The same YouTube link will bring up the recording for you to view anytime.
If you do watch it live (and we recommend this), you can participate in the live chat during the concert as long as you have a YouTube account.  

See you in the great algorithm of the sky!

best, Peter