Ready the Revolution For Prime Time!

Hi Friends, it’s a great time to be living and breathing in clean, fresh, (it rained a little a couple of nights ago) air. Also, how wonderful to have a good set of ears to take in music.

Grateful, I guess that’s what I’m feeling. The year is bending towards the end and we all tend to take measure of how it went. Thumbs up from SpragueLand!

Yesterday morning at 9 o’clock (sounds a lot like the Beatles lyric from “She’s Leaving Home” — Wednesday morning at five o’clock, as the day begins ). Jeez, I’m going crazy! Everything is turning into Beatle related material…

Anyway, back to my story. Yesterday morning we got this amazing crew of musos to assemble over here for a Beatles music rundown:

Congregation of the Liverpool Four Devotees! With (left to right, upper row) Duncan, Gunnar, Leonard, PS, Rebecca, Nina, and Lizzi. (Lower row) Danny Green, Tripp, Kate Sprague, and Fred Benedetti.
photo by Auni

Our mission was to tackle those new arrangements that I dreamt up and get them under our fingers and vocal chords, all the while ready the revolution for prime time. And the prime time that I’m talking about is our annual Christmas Eve Concert in Del Mar.

Some say it’s been going on for 39 years and that seems about right. Can you believe it, 39 years straight taking the music to the streets! I do remember one year bailing ‘cuz the rain was coming down and we at that point weren’t grown up enough to have a contingency plan in place. Other than that, straight ahead and striving for tone!

This year we’re calling it a Beatles Christmas and we’ve got the rad band:

Peter Sprague
Tripp Sprague
Leonard Patton
Rebecca Jade
Danny Green
Lizzi Trumbore
Kate Sprague
Nina Francis
Allison Adams Tucker
Duncan Moore
Fred Benedetti
Gunnar Biggs
John Leftwich
The Benedetti’s
John Minchin
Auni Biggs

and a gorgeous set of songs:

Strawberry Fields Forever 
I Want to Hold Your Hand
Day Tripper 
Lucy in the Sky 
Drive My Car 
And I Love Her 
I’ve Just Seen a Face 
Can’t Buy Me Love 
If I Fell 
Martha My Dear 
Rocky Racoon
Across the Universe
Come Together 
Let it Be 
All You Need is Love

All that’s missing is YOU. Please join us if you can make it and look below for the details.

Our man George Varga from the SD Union Tribune paper is helping get the word out and we thank him for this! Read about it HERE.

And here’s some history on the event from a long time Del Mar devotee.

See you soon folks and thanks for reading along, best, Peter