Rapid Fire!

Solid Good People!

Today it’s a rapid fire email because:

  • the surf’s up
  • butterfly’s are heading north by the millions
  • the sun’s out
  • the extremely tricky Billy Childs music still needs prep work
  • starting in on assembling the tax data
  • the email and text’s are filling up the hard drive
  • the video on how Al Schmitt records a big band still needs watching
  • searching for a good venue to perform my newly commissioned composition for the string trio
  • the ever lasting quest for attaining equanimity between the organic life and the digital life 

Ditch the computer young man!


Right to it!

On Thursday night I’ll be at the Ramona Library strumming out some beauties. Good spot, good people! Join in!

photo by Bill Griswold

On Friday afternoon I’ll be solo plucking the guitar at Flower Hill Promenade. From there, it’ll be a magic Friday night at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff with vocalist Lisa Hightower and my brother Tripp in the loop. We’ve got some warped out Cole Porter arrangements to add into the mix. Big fun!

Lisa Hightower and Peter.
photo by Michael Oletta

That’s it!

Anyone know why the butterflies are going ballistic?

see ya, Peter